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First time newbie.

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    HELP! First time newbie.

    Just noticed this tips turn brown then yellow seems to follow. First time growing so not sure what I'm doing...think they are root bound or magnesium or phosphorus deficiency? Or nitrogen? Anyone with knowledge able to help me out a little? I give them nuts but nothing drastic. Maybe cut back on the ratio a little? Any help much appreciated. They are critical Kush/outdoor/ basic promix soil.

    Hi Smoked, that looks like a little nute burn to me, but you don't want it to get worse; give them a flush

    How big is that pot, how old is the plant? She's prolly gonna need a larger pot.
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      Hey, started it may but was slow on getting it going and we had a cold Spring in Canada. So just started its third month. 7 gallon fabric pots. I was thinking of putting them in the ground and holding off on the nutes for a bit.

      Thanks for the advice. Happy Growing


        what is yer ph?& ppm? Cloth pots'll dry out more qwiker than a solid one.


          Hey, so I'm definitely a newbie. So parts per million as in for the nutes? I was giving it what bottle was suggesting, thinking of cutting it back a little. I've only tested my water (after I add nutes). Try to get it around. 6.5.;..should I be testing the soil?? Probably my guess...
          I also put two in the ground. One in a big raised bed. Left one in fabric pot.... Basically trying to figure shit out for next year and get it right from the start.

          Also should I wait for a week before I give transplanted plants nutes? I read I should wait a week.

          Thanks Peenster


            I’ve read that you want to run nutes at half strength from what’s listed on the package.
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            • Mr.furley
              Mr.furley commented
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              Some plant only need half strength,others can take a lot more.

            Do you water to run off? Everytime? What nutrients line?
            it's hard to become root bound in a fabric pot because the pot prunes the roots.



            • Smokedout
              Smokedout commented
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              Hey so I was basically under watering so many times not to over water that I underestimated the watering need. I moved three into ground/ raised bed. Left one in fabric pot. They weren't root bound at all. Moved three for privacy/family reasons. Took hose and soaked with water. Keep doing it. They are getting bushy and nice green! Still not monster's but first time and with problems and poor planning.But happy overall!
              I've been using Authentik 4-3-2.

              Haven't given it too much nutes.

            • Mr.furley
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              Overwatering is a easy thing to do, not enough water to often is the leading cause. It is important to achieve run off and let your pots dry out.
              Sound like you have it handled good luck.

            Updated pics.


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