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    how long to grow

    Can you over ripen cannabis ( grow too long) ? What would be the downfall ?

    Your buds will start to lose potency if left for too long. When to harvest is a personal preference. It all comes down to the color of the trichomes. Clear= speedy buzz cloudy= most potent and amber= couch lock. With that being said once they turn amber, thats a sign that the plant is finishing up.


      My thoughts on this subject. Yes you can over ripen. Decreases potency, if there big buds and tight heavy colas bud rot. Could hermie from stress.



        There is a saying which goes something like this- If you think the buds are ready, wait two more weeks to harvest!

        The trichomes will turn silver/gray if you go too long and it degrades- otherwise it's fine.
        It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

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          Once they start turning almost all amber and start to turn silver/grey you will have created sleep medicine. And I mean it will put you to sleep if you try to stay awake or not.

        Excellent info.


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