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Autoflower Perpetual Harvest?

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    Autoflower Perpetual Harvest?

    I have been kicking around this idea where I use autoflowers and my 4x4x8, w/ 600wHPS and (12) 6500 CFCs to get a sort of perpetual harvest going. Basically I imagine starting two plants around the first of every month. The room with that light feels like it comfortably can be an environment for (6) plants. If the Autos take around 12 weeks then the math says by month #3 i'd be harvesting (2) plants every month from there on out. I am a soil grower so I can move my plants to lower tiers to keep the canopies at relatively the same height (with some LST). I figure I'd start the two new seeds from the same genetics each month to get some consistency in height and flowering period for that "crop". Will have to MacGyver the tiers but seems very doable as I try and think it through.

    Would love thoughts, suggestions, stories, opinions and of course any knowledge of has it been tried?

    Alright, given it some thought before. It will depend on the # of tiers, each one of course being a different stage of growth. Where your light may need to be fixed given your tallest plant, you can create a rack system where you can raise and lower your platform to keep your plants at a similar height.

    As for it being perpetual, how many tiers could you fit? 3 tiers of 2, spaced 1-2months out had been my thinking. For the start of the plants, I guess it would have to be from seed, yes? No cloning auto's. In which case you may be better off having a small space for sprouts and seedlings to control the space better.
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      Billyboy I have a tier stand that I place in my 3x3 tent for veggies and vegging MJ sprouts. My 4x4 is used for flowering now. Only 2 rows made of wood my hubby made it for me. I'm doing 2 runs in winter starting off with autos 18-6 then at 2 months photos & autos in the 4x4. Just have to train them pretty low for your set up but I believe you can do it. Sounds interesting keep us posted. I would try and do same strain autos hopefully the pheno will be similar but that's my idea how id do it if I wanted that kind of challenging grow. Good luck MacGyver you have the skills.


        The GF just harvested 3 of hers, I will start her 2 more so she can have that perpetual harvest. She does not use a tent (nor do I) but a bedroom, so plenty of room for them.


          Click image for larger version

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ID:	320901 I have a Sweet Tooth days away from harvest - started a Think Big at the same time, but she will be around until August.

          Started 3 plants about 40 days ago - ChemDog - Candy Kush THC Bomb. Ready end of August.

          Started 6 others about 10 days - they will be ready end of September.

          Plan to start 3 more in August - hopefully I'll be able to close my tent for the winter.

          Have them outside sunning - I'll take a pic and post.
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            The only way I can do this by kicking outside the plan5s that are growing too tall.

          Ive kicked around the idea of doing this in my sealed room with 2 1000 watt hps lights. I would switch 1 to MH of course and move the plants under the proper light for the stage of growth. Also, using 1000 watt light i could keep my lights fixed while using lst and just let the plants grow into the lights. Only thing that keeps me from doing it though is the fact some autos dont even like lst and end up coming out with low yields any way which is just an unfortunate waste of grow space


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