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Any Canadians growing out "Legal" government issued seeds?

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    Any Canadians growing out "Legal" government issued seeds?

    Hey are any of my fellow Canucks on here growing anything "legal"? I was in a dispensary the other day to see what the fuss is about and asked what seeds were available. The reply was, "We have four packs of indica seeds" ... the person behind the counter couldn't tell me anything about the single strain they have on offer, beyond the price and the fact that the seeds are feminized.

    I have ZERO intention of supporting any government weed outlets, so technically, I'll always be growing outside the law, but I was wondering if any members here are growing "gubmint" weed?
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    This would never fly in the US. Look what we did to taxed teas in Boston. Maybe time for a Canadian weed seed party. All GI seeds can sleep with the fishes.
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      It's like it's gotten worse since legalization. The stigma is still there, the police are now looking for pot smokers while driving and the legal weed can't even compete with everything else out there. Now in December they are legalizing edibles and concentrates. The edible thc limit is 10mg per package! I'd need 10 packs just to catch a buzz. It's sad what the government is doing to this industry.


        Not legal here.
        After you register your household the govt gives you an authorization number to buy 4 seeds from a seedbank of their choice. Yeah right, not for me.

        Not only that but after you register your household you're leaving yourself open for random inspection. Cannabis police will show up and randomly want to inspect your 4 plants. As well as the limit to how many grams you have in jars. Yes there is a limit to how much you can have. Not sure how much, but I don't really care either way.
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        • SirSmksAlot
          SirSmksAlot commented
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          I had no idea it was like this! What a crock of shit.

        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          I think it's kind of funny: I just can't imagine the Canadian police coming to inspect plants and grams.

        I had no idea WOW can you purchase clones there? Or maybe you don't want to if dispensary is clueless!


          You guys are exaggerating so much here, it’s freaking legal to buy and grow up to 4 plants in Canada. Less than 8 months ago all of that was illegal!!! Are things perfect, of course not, but it is freaking legal and I see cannabis shops all over the place! That’s a pretty darn good start for me and most people for that matter.

          As far seeds go, I buy them online, simple easy and delivers to my house every single time without fail!


          • Toker1
            Toker1 commented
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            I was in Vancouver in 2003 and an oz of AAA (top shelf) cost me less than $150. I smoked a bunch of it right in front of the Canucks stadium. Nearly every passerby asked me for a hit, I didn’t mind because I bought it so cheap.

          • SirSmksAlot
            SirSmksAlot commented
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            Not much of an exaggeration at all. And the prices are completely out of the question. They need to do better.

          • LurkingInTheGrass
            LurkingInTheGrass commented
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            I bought from the gubment twice

            Both times, over dried, over packaged, over priced

            Asked about their seeds, all they could tell me was Indica. They couldn't even answer 'how long to grow?'

            Then, the gubment face has the balls to say that it is a supplier issue
            Except the gubment makes the supplier rules.

            Hard to believe anybody could screw up selling pot, but we did 😁

            Our local parody news site provided chuckles:
            New Brunswick — High prices and poor selection are the two main problems facing the Crown corporation Cannabis NB, which after two full quarters lost $12 million, lagging far behind more robu…

            But as others have said...
            At least it's legal to have and grow

          I have been in 3 provinces in the last week, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. I can’t speak about such craziness as 600$ an ounce because I haven’t seen that at all in these 3 provinces nor has my good friend in Alberta. I haven’t seen nor heard of anyone having to drive such distances, but I’m sure if you’re in a remote area, then that should be expected. In Ontario, cannabis stores were delayed until April, yes that was lame, but heck we have had more steps in right direction than we have had in .... well .... forever!

          Also, if the prices are too much, which I mostly agree with. Grow your own! That is what I’m doing and i have not had a need to buy any since about February or so.

          It is legal guys! Not a sched 1 drug like south of the border!! Small victories is what I say!


          • Toker1
            Toker1 commented
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            It’s legal, until you buy 2 different indica strains. Then you are breaking the law. Lol Small victory doesn’t quite describe.

          • Canuck147
            Canuck147 commented
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            Check the prices on line - $62.50 for 3.5 grams - figure it out yourself.

          An oz. At my local small town dispensary in BC is about $200. We're legally allowed a stash of 2.2 kg or 1 pound. Can grow 4 plants and walk around town with an oz in my pocket. Sounds alright.
          Staying outlaw when it comes to seeds though. I have no interest in what the gov is supplying


            The Pros.
            Its legal to grow and possess.
            Grow 4 plants per household.
            Grow 5 plants per gram of daily need prescribed by a doctor if you are registered for medical use plus the 4 per household.
            So being prescribed as needing 3 grams a day means you can grow up to 15 plants plus the 4 per household = 19 plants.
            According to the Canadian Gov't web site we are allowed 30 grams in possession in public.
            Medical possession limits in public are also based on grams prescribed per day. So 3 grams = public possession of 150 grams.
            There is no limit to what you can store in your place of residence.
            This can be different for each province.

            In Alberta where I am from you can purchase seeds legally from only 1 provider. Tweed of course.
            Retail cannabis is usually dry, way overpriced (starting at around $40/3.5 grams...better quality can run over $70/3.5gr) and of lesser quality.(at least where I can shop). And the city nearest to me with a population of over 100,000 has only 1 retail cannabis store.
            Retail shops are limited in number and no new retail licences are being issued. This after the Feds allowed unlimited applications only to slam the door shut on people who obtained retail space and did many renovations to be ready and meet all the criteria outlined by the gov't. This caused huge financial hardship for the small guy trying to start a business.
            Craft or small growers are shutout as cultivators as they are required to have a complete setup fully built including plans and equipment for security, staff and chain of command to mention just a few requirements.
            Even with all this in place they will not guarantee a licence to cultivate.

            Does this sound like a cartel?

            In my opinion Canada's Prime Minister is a drug lord in league with the fat cat large growing companies and uses the police as enforcers to make sure it is a closed club and to keep prices high.

            But overall I am quite happy to be one of the reported 350,000 Canadians who use pot legally and can grow it at home.

            I think the US is only an election away from full legalization as well.

            So let's grow some weed and enjoy the fruits of our labour.
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              I sure don't know where these numbers are coming from. I just looked at the online BC cannabis store and saw 3.5 grams for $23.99 Shishkaberry was the strain and there's others at that price


              • Canuck147
                Canuck147 commented
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                Sure and more at a higher price.

              • JohnEmad
                JohnEmad commented
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                $52.99 CAD
                This is from Alberta's Gov't online site.
                So BC gets a way better deal then us it seems.

              • Toker1
                Toker1 commented
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                Looks like they sell $60 eighths that should cost $30 and $25 eighths that should cost $10. Canada and CA dispensaries must have copied these values from the same over priced market value guide book.

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