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    Affordable Digital Microscope

    Unbelievably priced at $20.99 this digital microscope is utterly a steal! I have an old 2003 XP desk top in a second office in my barn. Bill gates told us the software, and hardware were out of date, and to buy new. I installed a Linux operating system on the computer Lubuntu, and this obsolete junk works better than it ever did with Windows. I added this el cheapo digital microscope for trichome analysis. I have a 5X5 grow tent in the other corner of the room. Tariff man tells us the Chinese are ripping us off. At these ridiculously low prices it has to be the other way around!

    I have a Celestron Microscope in the house office that cost me over three times the price of this.

    i have the same one but cost me only 15 bucks 3 years ago.... whos paying the tariffs now


    • starramus
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      Even at $20.99 its a helluva deal, but I paid more ordering the better aluminum base for an additional $20.00. While not a precision piece it is far superior to the plastic base of my Celestron. I bought my Celestron in 2014 for $81.95. This new one has higher magnification, and the aforementioned better base at half the price. Such a deal!

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