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Growing in coco question

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    Growing in coco question

    Hey folks, just a quick question regarding watering with coco.

    When it says let the top couple inches dry out before watering does that mean completely dry out? To the point of no moisture or a little before it turns fluffy? For a 5 gallon container is it normal to have to water every 3 to 4 days? My roots looked great coming out of 1 gallon pots. I found the the plastic containers had better roots then the fabric pots? Could this be from reusing the fabric containers.

    Hey jtcn1965
    roots in a fabric pot never get to circle to pot like in plastic. the pruning keeps them like small hairs.

    Depending on who you ask about how dry to let your pots get will yield different answers. I typically water 2 gallons to a 5 gallon smart pot every 3 days

    I have no problem letting my pot dry out that long depending on plant size, humidity, temperature, and most importantly which phase and week they are growing in.

    if they droop, you waited to long and need to water a day earlier.
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      I grow in coco and I watered every 3 days after testing the plants to see when to water then I went to an auto watering system so they get watered 4 times a day and they absolutely love it
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