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    Grow Light Led

    I currently have a setup but am working on a second with improvements and wanted advice on led grow lights. Currently, I have King led 1000 watt which seems to be working well but could use a little more for 6x6 grow tent. Any advice as to what I can add to my one existing and what I should look for for the new setup? Then should I do 1 higher wattage or 2 lower for the better spread?

    Several smaller ones cover the area better than one large one. If your going led make sure you check the actual wattage it pulls from the wall and go by that. Do not go by what they say the light is comparable to.
    You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


      In general...More watts equals more coverage, deeper penetration, and higher yields (grower depending).
      It also equals more heat. So more fans or AC to deal with that.
      Why not go HID? Cheap LED lights are just not that efficient.
      4x4 600w HID with Incredible Bulk
      3x3 400w HID with Bubble gum (new strain for me)
      2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
      running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


      • JayGee
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        You can get QBs for 80cents/watt with over 2.0ppfd/w efficiency. New QBs (lm301h) are supposedly over 3.0 ppfd/w!
        Even the gen 4 Luminus are getting up there.

      • Toker1
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        Don’t get me wrong, cheap LEDs will work. To some people, the end results are all that matter. In that case, I would consider the difference to be negligible on a hobby level.
        When weight becomes a matter of business success or failure, HPS is the way to go.

      • Toker1
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        I don’t have much knowledge about QB technology.
        I know the lighting industry is evolving all together. Eventually the old work horse will tire and be replaced with a new one.

      Quantum boards are an excellent option
      First grow started on April 17th, 2019.
      4x4 Grow Tent
      2 X 240W 3000k QB (lm301b). 24/0 light cycle.
      Canna Coco medium, 3 gallon fabric pots
      AN SensiCoco Grow + Bloom w/ tap water

      2 x Mephisto - Chemdogging
      1 x Mephisto - Northern Cheese Haze
      1 x Dinafem - Dinamex

      Chopped June 30th, 2019. Final yield: 716g plus 329g of larfy buds.


        If you have the $$$$$$$ look into Electric Sky ES300's. I pulled the trigger and bought two for my 4x4 and I'm very pleased.


          I absolutely want to try many things as I can afford to. It is just for hobby and personal growing to save money on buying and for the general love of the plant itself. For me, it's more about getting enough for me and my husband and a good quality bud. At some point, I hope to afford more to improve those results because come on who doesn't want more and better? I could never imagine having too much cannabis. So far I have narrowed down to a quantum board or hps addition to my current led. I was reading that mixing can be beneficial so was thinking getting a 600 to 1000 watt hps to current setup and trying quantum boards with next setup?


          • CC420710
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            I would like to average a couple ounces a month

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