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    Boveda packs

    I have 8 grams of Boveda pack in an empty quart Smuckers jar. Also, three humidity tester things. They read: 81%, 81%, and 85%. The brand is 'Made in China'. It's what I have and hides well in the cabinet as it just looks like a quart of fluffy, green, strawberry jam.
    Well, what gives? There's nothing 62% about these things. Am I needing to fill the jar with bud to see the magic? I now have the hygrometers sitting on a counter. They read the same percentage as a particular weather station says my neck of the sand is. It comes from about a mile away and is military so I know it's accurate. I'll grant a couple percentages on either side of the 62% but not 20.
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    I do not use humidity packs unless I plan on storing cannabis for over 4 months. I do not use humidity packs to regulate my dry/cure. Imo they change the taste and only work for long term storage.

    life got a lot better when I started using paper bags and fresh cut fan leaf to stabilize my buds.
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    • Gingerbeard
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      You know… I can't find anything on GWE about using paper bags. I was considering using one. The buds are still hanging and have a bit of the grassy smell, yet. Probably going to give it until Tuesday.

    • Mr.furley
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      After I trim my buds all nice and pretty, I'll place them in a mason jar with a hydrometer over night and if they are 5% or higher then my targeted humidity off to a paper bag with the top folded over two times, hung with a thumb tack for a night.

    • Toker1
      Toker1 commented
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      Paper bags are great during the initial dry process. Let the product crisp up a bit, then off the drying rack and into paper bags. I put about a oz in each bag (grocery bag size). The buds should not be touching if possible. Fold the paper bags closed and paper clip the tops shut. Then the moisture from the stems wicks out, the product moistens up again. When this happens, I open the bag tops until it crisps up again. Once it gets to the point where the bags have been shut and the product remains a bit crispy. Then it’s ready for jars. You know you did a good job if the RH remains stable inside the jar.

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