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    Humidity Help Please!

    hey ya'll...just starting my first real grow (yay!) but I'm getting worried about the low level of humidity in my tent. it is up and down a bit, of course, depending on the ambient conditions in my room but it has been ranging from 32 to 39 percent which I'm pretty sure is too low for a successful grow. the only time it goes higher (e.g. 55 percent) is when I turn the exhaust fan off completely (causing the temp to spike), obviously not a long term solution!
    tent: 2 x 2 x 5 secret jardin
    light: LED vivarspectra v300
    substrate: happy frog and perlite 75/25
    pots: 2 x 5 gal. fabric pots
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

    Hello duckman and welcome,
    although not ideal you humidity numbers are not that bad.
    you will be ok.
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      I have the same problem. I just leave my exhaust fan on.
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        When your canopy develops they'll be transpiring a lot of H2O. You'll be battling too much humidity soon enuff. If you're worried about your sprouts being too dry you can put a dome over them. A dry-cleaning bag and some bamboo stakes works great, and it doesn't require a trip to the garden center.
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          During the winter it's pretty dry here. My flower tent is usually 35% and they've done just fine. Veg tent I usually use a 5 gallon bucket, an aquarium heater at max heat and an air stone. That seems to be the trick for getting humidity in my 4x4 up about 5-10%.


            thanks to all for the advice, some good ideas here! much appreciated...


              I add a “cool mister” in my tent during early veg as I also struggle with low humidity. It works great and even helps cool down the environment. You’ll only need the mister for 4-5 weeks as you soon enough be fighting too much humidity! Lol, the ups and downs of our grow space!


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