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    Flower question

    Hello all. I am in the 6th week of veg of my second grow. My first grow was beautiful and I am really happy with the yield of bud and bubble hash from 3 great-looking girls. The seeds were grape OG and, as my son put it, "it will put you right with Jesus quick". (I am older and have grandchildren, just in case there were some raised eyebrows).

    Anyway, question involves this second grow. My seeds were not sexed so I have to wait until they get into flower to remove males. The last grow, I transplanted to 3 gallon pots about a week before starting flower and as soon as I changed light schedule, they shot up and I had my sex answers within a week. I also went through quite a bit of nutrients in those bigger pots leading up until the time I had to remove 2 of the 5 plants that were doing so well. My question is if you think it is okay to leave the plants in their one-gallon pots until they show their gender then repot? Or would repotting then send them into some sort of shock?

    Thank you for your time,

    They should be old enough to sex them now. Look for little white hairs at the joints. There should also be some preflowers by now


      Transplanting always takes a bit of tine to recover. During this recovery, they will not be making yields will be effected.
      Why not take a clone of each one while in veg, then flower the clone to determine sex? Saves time, effort, electricity, and nutrients as well.
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