Well I was originally going to grow my Gelato seed to be a mom, but as I progressed, I felt it was not the time and am currently growing out the plant from seed in another journal, I had found this piece of drift wood on the beach of Lake Michigan a while ago.

Before I put the Gelato in Veg I searched for a strong candidate for the clone and found the right branch that would make a good clone for my project. She has been in a root riot for a week or so and looked healthy so I decided to put everything together.

I cut the base of the branch off at each end and nailed it to some 1x2's I had left from building the veg room. I drilled a bunch of drainage holes in the bottom. I mixed up a brick of Coco, and perilite and PH'd it to 6 added some light nutes and calmagic t the last 2 gallons of water let that drain for a while. Then popped the root riot in the back corner. I hope the roots fill the whole pot eventually.

I put the pot in the 2x4 tent with the end with the clone elevated hoping the tap root will eventually grow down toward gravity? Guess we will see what happens.