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Shall I scrap this seedling?

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    Shall I scrap this seedling?

    I just wanted an experienced view on whether I should just scrap this seedling and start anew. It’s caught a little burn from a water droplet and it’s first pair of leaves look pretty deformed.

    It is an LA amnesia from paradise seeds, grown in coco using canna nutes.

    I am no expert, but I say no and keep growing! Some of my seedlings first leaves got all spotty, yellow and dried up. They ended up just fine at harvest! It’s a weed after all! 😎


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      It's a weed bro, just give it a couple of weeks.

    Absolutely not.
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      Thanks for the replies, you’re right I think I’m being a bit hasty. Space is kinda limited so I don’t want to waste it growing half rate weed. I think I’ll leave it a couple or three weeks and see how it turns out. It’s a new one for me so thanks for the reassurance


        No way man it will be fine.
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          It's just expressing its different personality. Sometimes a mutant will rock you.


            Take it to the finish line. As all the rest have said we all get a funky seeding now and then.
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              My mutant gave the best delivery at the finish line! Grow on!


                Hey Nameless,

                Nice and green, and doin her thing. If I had a penny for every mutant looking seedling.... Well, I guess I'd have a lot of pennies. Wait, no more pennies in Canada. Maybe I'd have a looney. She looks mighty healthy to me. If she popped, she's good!

                All the best,

                The Nerd


                  My opinion
                  I want my best players on the field at all times. Mutes cost $ soil time nutrients ext... if you have another 2 seeds pop'em put the best of the 2 in.{ it should catch up for the most part }
                  I know there are tons and tons of factor's for both Pro's and Con's. This is just one Growers Opinion.
                  If you have the time and the space with no plant limit. Grow it and what you learn can not be bought in store. Only taught from first hand exp.I can only have 5 plants so I want the good strong ladies.
                  I would LOVE to have rooms full mothers clones seedlings veg rooms and flower rooms local strains exotic strains Indica Sativa chuck Norris tears! I would cross breed use different nutrients lights ect. Hell id have a XL loin cloth made with fibers n bedazzleed with seeds And what I learn. share most of if not all
                  But I am poor so I make the most out my plants. So I pop 10 and use my best 5 ...just my way
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                    You opinions are always welcome here my friend.

                  No keep growing it it dosent look that bad.


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