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    New grow.

    Hi, total newby grower here. Just started an AK auto, built a basic cardboard grow box, have a 150w led full spectrum. Very surprised at the growth rate after just four days in soil. Using biobizz light mix for medium and bought some biobizz nutes as well. Just wondering how long I should wait to start adding the nutes, few mixed messages online some say straight away, others say don't bother for a good few weeks.
    Any advice very welcome.

    Hi Tale, Welcome to the forum! This page will give you the info on how to feed your seedling:

    I suggest you read other basic stuff over on that site so that you know what to expect, and it will help you identify and hopefully avoid problems. You don't want to invest all the time and money and not get some good bud! ;-}
    happy cannacamper...

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    Future Harvest nutes


      I always thought that if you are in dirt you shouldn't have to add nutes I was wrong lol if your plants start yellowing from the bottom up its time to start adding nutes , You can also supplement the soil with watering s of worm casting a guano drench stuff like that
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        That's great thanks, think I'll just take it steady with the nutes, it popped it's head above the soil after I planted the germinated seed straight into a 3 gallon smart pot 5 days ago and it looks really healthy so far, not stretching so I think the light is enough, I'm not over doing it with water so just making sure it's moist enough. I'll hold back on the nutes for at least another week then add 1/2 the recommended dose and check for yellowing. I'm only growing a single plant due to space.


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          do you check the ec or ppm of your nutes before using them , half strength of my nutes is still way to strong , I mix using half strength then dump half into a different bucket and add water and it still is about 6 to 8 hundred ec , I water every day so I can get away with keep the nutes overnight with and air bubler in them

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