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    HELP! Too much light or not?

    First let me say I’ve only just started on this website forum I think that’s right first time ever On any forum anyway I digress I’m really hoping someone can help I’ve been reading the emails from nebula Haze I came across one of the very helpful and well explained tutorial on to much light after reading this I started worrying about my girls I’ve moved my lights as far away as I can and had to tie some long stems down on one off my girls the lights are now on 2 lights there 20 inches away from the canopy is on the 3rd there18 inches away from the canopy there are 2 600 W ballast and one 400 W ballast in a 1.25x1.25x1.50 metres I’m not hundred percent sure so here’s some pictures Any advice or opinions negative for advice I will take everything on board but not until tomorrow now as it’s early hours of the morning to UK so again many thanks hope to hear from someone soon Cheers Buzz ✌🏻

    Welcome to GWE Forum buzz ! Your photos didn't appear but there is time to address your problem. If you do not have any factory light hights to canopy watch as you adjust hights , if the leaves are pointing toward the light (good) and away (not good) until you find the sweet spot. The plant will let you know. Resend those photos, were here to help ! Good Growing !!




        Sorry for how long it has been for me to reply thank you for your advice I’ve now been and got my self lux meter my light available at the canopy is around 35 to 37000 apart from one that’s around 45 / 50000 lux just not a hundred % sure if that’s good or not?? But anyway thanks again for any and all your help peace ✌🏻 buzz




            I don’t know if anyone else has any problems uploading pictures but took forever


              If my calculator is correct, you're running 1600W of HPS in a 4x4 space with a 5' ceiling. A pair of the 600's should output sufficient photons for your space but you will need to keep your plants really squat because of no headroom. Good luck with your grow.
              5x5 grow space
              800w of Vero's and F-strips
              4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


                First I have to say congrats on a really nice grow buzz ! Very impressive ! Nice job on the defoile as well. As far as the lights go, a good indicator is if the leaves are up and pointing to the light they are loving it . If the leaves are down their looking for more. If the leaves are turning away (turning over) and edges and tips are turning brown, too much light. Not enough light, lower it, if too much light, raise it. If their just right, enjoy the growth. Looking at yours , they are just right, the leaves are reaching to the light and they look very happy. Until that changes go along for the ride ! Good Growing


                  You want around 65000lux to 70000lux in flowing.

                  1600watts is a lot for a 4x4x5 tent, You may be able to turn off some lights and lower the one you leave on for optimal efficiency without sacrificing anything.

                  The general rule of thumb is 50 watts to a sqft of canopy.

                  here is the same size grow.
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                    Thanks for your help and suggestions. I also put the wrong size of my tent it’s 7 and half feet long 4 feet wide and just over 6 feet tall I’ve got two 600w hps and one 400w hps on a air cooled hood lights and one tube 15 inch carbon filter and a 6 inch Systems air diffuser


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