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    HELP! Young plant issues

    My plants are in baby veg stage and I feel a little lost. Bad luck of the draw, something I'm doing/not doing, or normal? 2 are doing well, but have some discoloration I'm not sure is a concren or not, 2 seem to be struggling. 1 died
    I've been watering lightly so far (aka not soaking the entire pot, and in a circle around the plants) to encourage root growth, and used nutrients a couple times but not too much due the comparatively small amount of water used (don't want it building up in the soil).

    4 plants, Northern Lights, feminized, autoflowering
    Planted 2w4d ago, sprouted 1.5 weeks ago
    Coco coir, planted in peat pots then into 5-gal
    Humidity has mostly be in the 40% range when checked, occasional spikes
    Temp as been steady in the 70s

    Hello Asha! You have what's called little plant in big pot syndrome. Just put seedlings like that into a large solo cup to get a good root base started and nice growth (leaves over the side of the cup) before they go into the final grow pot. But seeing you have them in their home already, give them a good watering every 4 days or as needed.(damp at 2 finger joints deep). Use tap water with unsulfered molasses at 2 tablespoons per gal of water. Ph after molasses added. no other nutes. When your plants get 3 full sets of leaves start a feeding schedule with nutes that are recommended for COCO Coir as it is different soil growing. Keep lights at least 28" from seedlings Unless being CFL lights for starting. When you water small seedlings in a big pot lightly, usually the water does not get to the roots. Hope some of this helps! Good Growing !!


    • Colombo
      Colombo commented
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      Some filtered water does not have trace minerals as tap water does. Tap water is fine just PH after adding nutes. Watering in a circle is good for a plant with a more established root system. The Molasses contains iron, magnesium phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, cooper, manganese, selenium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and choline at just the right amounts for seedlings and just starting veg. feeding to limit nute burn. Blackstrap Molasses has a higher concentration of the minerals and is good also. When the roots are ready to feed, it's a subtle feed with available nutes from the molasses without the stress of "added heavy nutrients". I try to stay with basics to limit problems. Paper towels and Solo cups do a good job of getting a seedling started for the big pot as far as root establishment and health. There are many different ways to germinate a seed, for weed it's a solo cup most of the time. As far as the autos, I grew two and germinated as any other and no problems. The more you learn how to read your plants growth, the less problems in the long run. Be patient and they will grow into big beautiful plants. Good Growing

    • Asha
      Asha commented
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      My tap water is super hard though, wouldn't that be bad for the plants? I watered my plants more heavily and they do seem to be doing better! Going to water with the molasses today or tomorrow.

    • Colombo
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      That's good to hear ! Continue to monitor their progress and water when needed. Your water should be fine, just more trace minerals, LOL. Start a calendar and mark off for feed/water , problems, LST etc. the day each was done. When you have any problems look to the calendar for what was done last or changed. Once the plants are transferred to larger pots remember these things, 1) PH water and feed at 6.5 in and out (Drip and runoff at flush) 2) keep lights at manufactures hight requirements, 3) keep the pots off the ground on a wire rack or plant elevator. The will literally explode with growth before your eyes. You're doing good, one step at a time and patience ! Good Growing !!

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