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Bubba Kush twins?

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    Bubba Kush twins?

    Hi guys, my seedling is 7 days old today, it is in a pro-mix soil bought from my local supply store. I have not added any nutes nor have I watered it since germinating, my soil was obviously a little too wet from the beginning with 6.5 PH water. These girls are currently sitting under a T5 24hrs a day until my current grow is done and then they will go under the 400 HPS in my tent. There is about a week to go onwith my other girls.

    Friday, I noticed the leaves starting to twist in a bizarre way, I didn't think much of it other than the soil was still too wet for this juncture. Saturday, the twist got a little more apparent, but hey what can I do at this point other than observe and monitor.

    Well Sunday morning brought a surprise to my eyes and cup. My auto BK seems to have sprouted a twin sister!?! I swear only one seed went in this cup!!

    Has this ever happened to one of you guys or gals?

    haha thats crazy, two girls one cup


      Out of curiosity I would gently remove dirt to see how this occurred while separating them for future knowledge. Very cool surprise ! Good Growing !!


        Your soil is for Cannabis, right?
        Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

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          Yes it is cannabis soil recommended from my local supply shop. I’m on my 3rd grow with this soul and all has been good.

          My my plan is going to just grow them out and see what happens.


          • Canuck147
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            Just don't grow them together.

          I had that happen, but had been drinking a bit and really stoned I put one seed in, went to the next root riot, put the other in and then put one more in, next day I could not figure out why I only had 3 of 5 seeds left. well they both grew, I took the root riot apart carefully and replanted both seedlings in new root riots and they are growing along fine now. It is in my Gelato / Strawberry Banana grow journal if you want to see what I did.
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            Hey you bogo'd such a deal!


              If it is only one seed, would this be called a self cloning and if so why ? Did it come from the root system or off shoot of the underground Stem/stalk ? Never new but It happens often as per this thread. has-anyone-ever-seen-this-1-seed-2-plants.36797 Really cool! Good Growing !!


              • BearsFan
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                Maybe I'll just let them be after reading that, thanks!

              What would be the best method to separate these 2 siblings? A buddy of mine was telling me this happens in corn fields sometimes and that they always yank the "stray".


              • Colombo
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                Just take them out of the cup like you would transplant and gently wash away the soil between them. They should separate themselves for the most part. When you find the attachment point clip the root above the attachment point on the main plant. This allows for a stronger and larger root system for the twin. If you separate them take pictures of the root system for educational benefit on how they were attached. Seeing it helps understand it ! Good Growing !!

              Alright, so I transplanted my Bubba Kush plants. The little twin was not doing that well and I can only legally have 4 plants, so I yanked the struggling sibling.

              My tent is now ready after cutting down my current grow, 140 days later - OG Kush!

              I could not have done this without this amazing community and GWE book(website) of knowledge! Thank you all!


              • Colombo
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                Hey Bearsfan, HAPPY 420 ! Congrats on your grow/harvest, the Colas look sweet. All that learning payed off. You should consider jumping into the spring/summer grow, it's all for fun. Good Job !
                Good Growing !!

              • alltatup
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                Excellent buds, Fan!!! Congrats!

              • BearsFan
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                Thanks guys, I cant wait to test out these dried up buds! I like the manifolding technique, it was fairly easy to do and the end results speak for themselves. Thanks again to this website as my buddies had never heard of this "manifolding", they thought I was going crazy with "trying stuff". So I went against their recommendations or "tips" after finding this community, now they are asking me how to do this, haha!

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