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    There's a new girl in town

    Happy two weeks day for my new girls and their watery home. The girls are AMS Waikiki Queen. I sprouted all 5 seeds and all opened in two days and were in pots the third morning. How day do dat? Genetics - or faerie dust? I've only had two minor issues switching to hydroponics. One was PH, my water tested fairly neutral 7ish, but I Know it's hard. Brews awesome stout too. Nebulas article about O2 causing Ph rising was helpful. Ended up using 6 Ml Ph down per 7 gal totes. Me and the test kit match exhaust shades now. I'd also note the wet system seems to give a fast feedback to changes. I'm seeing pretty stunning growth today @75 degrees as opposed to yesterday's peak at 81. Hope that speed don't bite me.

    Thanks again GWE! I'm learning, using neglected skills and having a buzzing good time doin' it!

    Hi Kat, welcome to the forum! Your girls look great. I'm a hydro grower as well, and I love how mine grow. If your reservoir is entirely light proof and you have the res temps under control, you should see them take off big time!!!
    happy cannacamper...

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      The new girls day 29. Ph 6, just adjusted from 5ish with water add. Water temp. 74, air 73. I'm wondering if a slight drop in water temp might be good and if there is a cheaper way to do that? $600 chiller is no go! In my setup air temp is water temp. I'm keep A/C on 75, used to let it rise to lower 80's when growing in soil. What is the ideal water temp range and are there any cool tricks to keep it lower?


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        Before I invested in chillers, I tried big frozen water bottles in the reservoir, but they melted too fast. I don't know of any other way to keep water temps down, other than lowering room temp to 70.

      How much air are those little pumps rated to produce? It’ll usually be listed on the pump in LPM(liters per minute). How much water is in each 7 gal. tote?

      If you’re looking for an alternative to a water chiller, your best bet is to try to supply more air. As the water temperature increases it holds less dissolved oxygen so you need to have an abundant steady supply that will replenish it quickly.
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        Subbed for the ride - I have 5 of these seeds, patiently waiting their turn 😁

        good luck and green thoughts
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          Hi Obi-Wan,
          Pumps are 2.8 lpm. They each run 2 10" flat airstones at opposite ends of tubs. They work very well, lots of fizzy bubbles. The tubs are 17 gal filled to 8 gal each. Im thinking 25 gal tubs at least for next grow. We could use a swap shop on the forum. Bet slot of equipment that got "upgraded" around! Hopefully the mid 70 degree temps will be ok as the girls seem great, switching to bloom in 3 days. If I do ever get a chiller I'll be needing to combine two tanks, guess with a third to include chiller. Thanks for your help!


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