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Pests eating holes in leaves

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    Pests eating holes in leaves

    Hi there

    I have an indoor grow and it seems as tho I might have pests eating holes in the leaves. I did find a few black fly’s in the tent, otherwise nothing else that I can see with the naked eye. Any help or suggestions on what the hell is doing thus and how I fix the problem. Using coco and not soil.

    The plants from what I can see are in veg, if that’s correct you have many opinions to choose from to kill them, or detuer them from eating your girls.
    neem oil sprayed on bouth sides of leaves works, a more natural way would b to make a Tabaco tea and spray that the same way as the neem oil
    but it doesent work as fast, ether way u may have to do multiple treatments, a layer of sand on top of the soil will prevent them laying eggs and stop more from
    apearing. Flying insects can b caught with yellow sticky traps thay can’t resist the color. I hope this helps. ✌️


    • Tdog
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      Thanks 👍🏼

    Howdy Tdog, I do not know what kind of critter does that, but I have had the same problem during several of my grows. I grow in a DWC system. I do know that when I first see the damage on the leafs, I start a regiment of first applying a foliar spray with Azamax (the medium strength) and adding 10 ml (in a six gallon reservoir) directly into the reservoir. The spray hits the bugs directly and by adding it to the reservoir allows it to become systemic, getting the bugs munching on the leaves. It takes several applications as the Azamax affects the bugs larval development. It works very well for gnats, white flies, and Thrips.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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      Just spreyed with a broad presticide on the infected plants. Hopefully that works. Just frustrating that I can’t find the pests anywhere

    I am just seeing the exact same holes in my Gelato and one other plant, it is almost spring and every year I do a bug fogger can in each of the main living areas, hopefully that will kill everything off. I haven't done one since I started growing but I assume as long as it is in another room should not affect plants, if I am wrong please let me know. I won't be doing it till weekend.
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      I had a similar problem. I sprayed Neem Oil on everything. The floor the walls the hydroton. It took several applications but it seems to have worked.


        I have some of these holes and after doing a thorough check with a magnifier I wrote it off as being damage due to leaves being too close and/or rubbing. I'm planning to switch to flower next week ut starting to feel like I should take this more seriously.
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        • Tdog
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          I don’t think it’s from rubbing because it’s on my top leaves. I spreyed with a pesticide today, so will see over the next week or so if it stops.

        I also had this happen. Sprayed top and underside of leaves with Monterey Bt in veg stage. Seemed to do the trick. Still monitoring. Afraid to spray when in flower.


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