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    Not growing

    My fruit punch auto popped on 3/9 it's not growing not that I can see. All my other plants are on track just not sure what to do with this one. Doesn't look like there's anything wrong just not doing anything. Any thoughts?

    Probably trying to build the root system that is easier done in a solo cup, due to the faster wet dry cycle which promotes quicker root growth.


    • Porcha
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      Appreciate the input

    Hi Porcha, I think I see the third set of leaves emerging, right? She may just be a slower starter, it happens with some seeds, then they catch up a little later once they get their steam going. Make sure her roots are getting watered all the way down and out...
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    • Porcha
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      Yeah they are there just super tiny. I'll let it be and see what happens. Thanks for the input.

    If PRIMO is correct, and the root system needs a smaller space to spread.
    Cutting the bottom of a solo cup out, then sliding it into the soil, surrounding the plant, will help.
    You can also slice one side so its easier to remove without distrupting the plant when its larger.
    Hope this helps!
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    • Canuck147
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      I don't see how hindering the root growth is helpful.

    • yellow
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      Just something i see people do on this forum... I personally dont

    Mine sat like this for about 8 days and are now growing vertically
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      Im in week 4 of growing my first Jack Herer Auto right now the first 4 weeks not much happened and in the last 3 to 5 days she is taking off. I have seen lots of folks that say auto's start off building roots and then they take off. That is what has happen for me. Good luck with your grow.
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