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new grow journal 2 mazar Auto Fem 1 green crack Auto Fem from...

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    new grow journal 2 mazar Auto Fem 1 green crack Auto Fem from...

    Smoked my snow moon grow from ace seeds with a bad led from Cirrus... they live but moving on with 2 Mazak auto fem 1 green crack auto fem from MasterSenseiSeeds outa Michigan. The Mazar are freebee's! Let see what happens! In germ right now. Tap water started at 2pm. gong to 5gallon happy frog/perlite mix soon as taps are 1/2 to 3/4. pre soaked with water.PH 6.0
    Snow moon's day 13 ..smoked by light and Almost died 2x Mazak x2 Auto Fem 

Green Crack x1 Auto Fem

Germ Stage!
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    I NEED a T5 4 bulb 2 footer for a small 4 plant sprout/seedling 2 week veg closet NO CIRRUS. Thanks in advance!
    What do you use or buy?
    I don't see anything wrong with haven3 to 4 plants ready to go in the tent after 3 to 4 harvest.....


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      I use a 2 foot t-5 for veg . Works great. I have had 2 of them that I bought on e-bay for around $75 each. First one only lasted a year next one is still going after 4 years.

    Does MasterSenseiSeeds outa Michigan have a real web site pr just fb?


      looks like all the sees popped this afternoon! Just waiting on the tap roots.


        Going in to #3 Smart pots. Black in color. Green heavy duty plant saucer's. PH water to 6.0 .Happy frog (73.77%) perlite(26%) .33% Chicken beak 2 medium ground with a small amout of sugar. AND AWAY WE GO! 12/12 light cycle mars hydro 920-Refrac 40 inch's away on veg setting.
        Any advice?
        If you look and see the Green Crack below she did not germ well. But we got her in the dirt. I never seen one turn brown on the end and break outa the seed shell like that.


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