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    COCO COIR Reuse of coco

    If you personally reuse your coco...can u help me...

    I started one plant in coco and it was a male...yanked it , and it had a decent root system. We got out what we could but is it bad to reuse it with root pieces in it. This was my first attempt at coco and am switching to all coco now. Thanks for the advice. Any other tips u wanna add.
    Fabric pots 3gal
    Coco coir 60%/ perlite 40%
    Nutes- Molasses,greenleaf cal mag,Megacrop, sweet candy, bud explosion
    Lights. 1000w MH veg / 1000w Hps flower
    12ft × 12ft grow room
    Beans are from MSNL
    Ph pen ... Ec pen... Lux meter... Usb microscope for checking ripeness.

    You get out what you can, i use some big wire racks to help sift but mostly hand stirring and finger combing, some root fibers will remain. Make sure you flush your reused Coco before planting in it.
    Sweet tooth autoflower ×3 1/2 of 4.

    Regular seeds phenotype hunting.
    Bruce Banner #3 ×5
    Fruity Rhino ×5
    Revolution ×5


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      Thank you ...I was planning on redoing the cal mag soak etc.... coco seems much more in my lane and im excited for my new seeds from msnl.

    Glad to hear that, I am using Coco in all my new grows. Glad to know we can reuse some of it. I am very happy with the results so far and easy to order 5 bricks at a time and been getting 2cu feet of parilite at Home Depot. And when I have gotten a few days away from need next size pot, I mix it up and then PH and give some Cal-Mag and let it dry for a day or two before use over a drain on a rack in the floor. I actually need to make up a 5 gal and 3 gal tonight.

    I was just thinking about throwing it in my flower garden when done.
    Flower Tent: (12/12)
    600W HPS Flowering
    1 x Jack Herer 2 Auto - Potters Gold Soil
    1 x Gelato - Coco
    2 x Strawberry Banana - Coco

    Veg Room: (14/8)
    1500W LED
    1 x Jack Herer 3 Auto - Coco
    3 x Mexican Airlines Auto - Fast Buds - Coco
    1 x G13 - Seed King - Coco
    1 x Gelato (Bonsai Mom) - Clone - Coco
    1 x Bubba Cheese Auto - HBS - Coco

    Veg Tent:
    300W COBB LED

    First Grow Journal and Clone Journal

    Strawberry Banana, Gelato & Jack Herer Auto Grow Journal

    All Auto's Journal

    Gelato Bonsai Mother Project


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