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    Nutrient Switch

    I have been Scrogging Acapulco Gold in hydro and am getting ready to switch to 12/12. Do I switch the nutrients at the same time or wait a week? When I do switch should I follow the same pattern as I did with the veg stage, i.e. half strength to 3/4 to full strength as tolerated by the plant or just start out with full strength?

    Hi Zee, I think different folks do it differently. After I switch to 12/12, I start following the flowering nutrition schedule when I change my reservoir, while other folks will allow their plants to transition a bit before changing the nutes.
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      You will want to keep the veg schedule to feed the stretch and change over after you see pre-flowers.
      I'm not a hydro grower, so will let others , answer the second question.
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        Hey Weed Pharma, Thanks for answering a lingering question as I have an Acapulco Gold coming soon to 12/12 change over in about 2 wks. Good Growing !!

      We used to smoke Acapulco Gold in college years ago, where do you buy seeds? I've never seen them at the seed banks.
      If weed is healthy...why am I so broken down?


      Thanks a lot, I'll check them out but I just got White Widow auto's & OG Kush autos from Nirvana & will grow them next but I'll look into the gold seeds, it would bring back some cool college memories!
      If weed is healthy...why am I so broken down?


        Ended up switching the 2nd week of 12/12. So far so good, flowers appearing. Keeping close eye. And yes the Gold is from Seedsman


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