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Is this about ready to harvest?

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    HELP! Is this about ready to harvest?

    I think this is a week out. It has been in flowering 10 wks. The weed is so infested with male flowers it is worthless now. The smoke, what there is of it, is fine. Maybe hermies are wired to keep flowering as long as they can?

    Anyway please advise me on harvest time. I greatly appreciate it.



      If they are all cloudy like the picture, your good to flush. Some prefer amber, but depends on what form of high your seeking!

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        Looks ready when you are. Great pic !!
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          If it was mine, I would start to flush. I do not like the couch lock type high, majority milky and one or two ambers is where I start.
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            Thanks for the advice folks. I started flushing 12 days before this post, quit watering two days later and harvested two more after that. Even with the hermi disaster (I was still finding male flowers as I did the final trim) the herb is sweet. No harsh flavor at all - not even green. I can't wait to see how it is after a few weeks of cure. I'm using the humidity control packs and 1 qt mason jars to cure after hanging. This crop came from a disaster discovery of how hermies happen - without the advise of the forum it would have been trash. Hermi's FWIW do seem to have a strong resistance to quitting flowering. 50% seeding was not enough to stop the flowering. The plants responded very well to intervention. I started defoliating 4 wks out from harvest with great results. Single buds made good runs towards becoming colas and branches started growing from bud sites all the way to the plant bases. I'm sure the soil helped there. I never had any yellowing to speak of. Please pause with me to give thanks to a strain of seed we augmented and grew for 40 years. The very best plant (a single big cola) has it's own jar and I will try to preserve it's seeds. Kinda sad you know?


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