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    Hey Dog, you still intact? Just send Paul @new guy some cash & cross your fingers. Worked just fine for me. Nine day round trip with U.S.P.S. Go Postal !


      I would def. try someone from nebula hazes recommended list. That's sound advice!

      I WOULD NOT BUY FROM NEW 420 GUY. I had a awful experience with them. They sent me male plant seeds. Half of which were damaged and it was a horrible waste of money.

      Im curious to check out some new sites that im reading about on here. Happy Spring week to everyone!!
      3 gal. fabric pots
      1000 w mh- hps
      molasis koolbloom calmag megacrop
      40 % ffof 30% happyfrog 30%perlite
      seeds from new420guy and msnl
      ph pen- ec pen- lux meter- usb microscope for checkin trichs 12ftx12ft grow room


        Just curious crispy what seeds did u get from him. I've heard some bad stuff on Paul and seen and grown some killer plants from him. I'm sorry to hear about the bad grows u had that's horrible thanks ahead for your input


          I cant say enough good things about they are the fastest and most reliable overseas company ive used. If they mess up your order or leave something out they will reship that day without placing a new order, unlike Nirvana Seeds, MSNL seeds, or seedsman. And those are all excellent companies to order from. So would be my go to but Nirvana, MSNL, and Seedsman are top notch.

          So can I say it again
          You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


            What a way to get rid of your competition, just send him male seed and other defective seed, those that get them go buy somewhere else (cant say I disagree with moving on)


              If you want to see what MSNL seeds are like just look at my grow that just finished up. These are autos. Nirvana, and MSNL are the great. Seedsman is good just alot in the west coast from them are getting confiscated. is really good.

              But here is an msnl auto with no training other than being topped.
              Click image for larger version

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              You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


                Heres an msnl autoflower from few yrs ago i grew. Blue dream. 10.2 oz after total cure for 90days. They got the goods lashdog.


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                  Ive grown from many seed banks and msnl is my fav! I can never get anyone elses to produce like the seeds those geneticist have made. They only sell WHAT THEY CREATE so no chance of a "rogue breeder" if ur the actual breeder. Anyone can sell seeds for 8 other guys like paul 420guy. Msnl is a true seedbank not a middleman.

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                  Spidermite, Lashdog started the thread

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                  Well ai feel stupid. Lmao

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