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Have I missed the window to 4-way LST ScrOG these plants?

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    SOIL Have I missed the window to 4-way LST ScrOG these plants?

    So I have been following the LT 4-way ScrOG tutorial faithfully. I topped when 5th set of leaves appeared. However as I am thinking through how to fold down and spike the main branches without bending the stem, I just don't see it. My plants look bigger and as I imagine how much bigger they will need to the (meaning the growth of the 4 main branches and how much taller the main stem will be) there is no way the screen will be 8in above the pot. Also the 8 in spikes I bought are way too small. Will need maybe 12-14 in spikes.

    So the question is - have i missed the window to spike? Do I just top again and try and weave and tie down the branches to the screen to get the even canopy?

    Attached are pics of three of the 8 ladies I have growing (top and side):

    Attached is the grow tent/closet:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190215_174510.jpg
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ID:	293035Click image for larger version

Name:	20190215_174459.jpg
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    Here are the grow details:

    - 600 w MH light (I have a HPS to switch to for 12/12)
    - 4x4x8 grow tent
    - FF Ocean Forest soil
    - Feeding every third watering (1/2 mfg. recommended strength)
    - Temps are 78-81 in "day" 70-74 at "night"
    - RH is low ~30%
    - This is Day 31 from when the beans when into the paper papertowels and 29 days since they went into the soil
    - What else do you want to know?


    - 1st grow

    Nah you didn’t miss your window. In fact, you’ll have to wait for some growth in the top nodes before you can bend them down. As long as the canopy stays even you’re good. I skip spikes and put the scrog in right away, then every time a branch gets more than a couple inches above it, they get weaves back into the screen.
    Rawtton by Ethos Journal


      Thanks for the advice. I am less and less sure on trying to spike. I am leaning towards just going for the screen and tucking once I top again. But as you said need to let those branches grow out no matter what.

      I have another question. There are some really broad leaves at the top that are shading the lower bud sites. Is is a common practice to trim them at this stage to try and get the lower branches to come up?

      You can see in this side views:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20190219_202414.jpg
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      Attached Files


        Yes it’s common practice to get rid of fan leaves during the Veg stage. I personally like to do it once or twice throughout the whole Veg stage, but some people prefer to remove leaves as needed. Either way, it won’t stress your plants out. I would also say you’re ready for a screen, skip the spikes. Set it an inch or 2 above the top where your plants are now to give them room to grow. When the get get enough above the screen, start your tuck and weave. You’re lookin good!
        Rawtton by Ethos Journal


          This is great. Thanks for taking the time to respond


            So in the end I let them Veg for a while longer. Tonight we defoliated and spiked. I went back and read Nebula's piece on defoliating and doing a good trim right before 12/12 and then again 3 weeks later. Then went into the room and started trimming, then doing a little bending and then tried a few spikes and started to get the hang of it.

            I am trying the Nebula method. Screen will go in soon. :-)

            And here they are the next morning - looking good I think.


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