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    SOIL First grow! Code Blue

    For my first grow I got some seeds from my local seed bank Archive PDX and planted these two about two weeks ago. Got them in a 3x3x6 tent under a viparspectra V900. One I just topped and removed bigger fan leaves and the other I'm attempting to create a manifold. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated! I'm excited for what's to come 😁

    I'm pretty sure topping, removing fan leaves and tying down is creating a manifold, but they both look good.


      Quick update I removed more of the big fan leaves and growth seems pretty quick. Hoping to top the mainline soon but I'm not sure if I wanna go the nebula route or not, any suggestions on that?


        Tyrell404 check Quadlining This might feed your interest . Remember, You can't put back what you take off. Good Growing !!


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          Thanks man! I'll give it a read once I get off but I think I'll just let it grow out 4 nodes before topping it I think I'm just overly excited lol

        Watered my plants last night with a regular feeding of fox farm grow big. They seemed to enjoy it lol but now that they're getting a little older I'm scared one might be a boy! I think I'll know for sure in a week or so they're almost in week 4 of veg


          Haven't posted in forever! One of my plants turned out to be male so I had to toss it out, and I kind of messed up the mainline manifold so now I'm just kind of letting it grow but keeping the height under control. 5 days into flowering 😁


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