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First Grow 2 weeks into flower can i remove bottom branches and leaves

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    First Grow 2 weeks into flower can i remove bottom branches and leaves

    Sup growweedeasy i am a new grower my first grow is 2 weeks into flower. can i trim branches at bottom of plants or am i too late
    thanks in advanmce

    What u propose is called lollipoping where the lower 1/3 of leaves are removed and branches are left,check out the main site for more info.


      Yes, that can be done at this time.
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        Hi gr33n, and welcome to the forum. There are many different methods of defoliation, but it would probably help you to read this:

        She says in this tutorial that many growers have various methods, and I haven't followed her tutorial to a T on my current grow, but rather I have been removing leaves on a daily basis since the switch to 12/12 12 days ago.

        So read the tutorial:
        don't take too many leaves all at once; watch your plants' growth and make sure they stay nice and vigorious in their growth;
        remember that you can do a complete fan leaf removal at the end of week 3;
        try to expose as many bud sites to light as you can; they will grow bigger the more light they get the eariler;
        tuck leaves rather than snipping them now if you can;
        don't allow leaves to sweat or lay on top of each other;
        as Nebula says, make sure to leave enough leaves to power the stretch.

        Watch the plants closely; it always takes me a little bit of time to look at her so I can figure out what needs to be tied down, what leave needs to be tucked or pinched off, etc.
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