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Topping vs. super cropping autoflowers.

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    Topping vs. super cropping autoflowers.

    Which one do you guys suggest topping or super cropping autoflowers?

    Trying to decide which of the two to do to keep the height down on my autos? I’ve got a 3x3x3 box I’m running a Couple autos in so I need to keep them short. Suggestions, please!! Oh, I’m also going to be running these in a gallon hempy bucket to keep them small.

    I only top once to break the apical dominance. I do supercrop too. Lst and a scrog can also help you.


      thank you mate!


        I just bend them over and tie them down
        Edit look in the auto showdown thread, there are many techniques used and pictured in it!


          Topping once at the 3th node will get u lots of branches. Lst those down to the edge of the pots before the strech, during the strech u can supper crop if they get high. Imo


            Here is a grow just topping at the 5th node:

            In addition, I routinely remove the first node which rarely produces substantial bud-
            This will give 8 main cola's plus the topping results- that I LST making the canopy flat/even.
            It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

            KISS @ Dry/Cure:

            Staged Harvest:

            Grow Journals:

            #3, Window Sill Grow - auto:

            #4, KISS grow- Girl Scout Cookies- auto:


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              Editing a comment
              If you got a good healthy growing plant, topping want slow them down one bit.
              If you want lots of colas, bending them over works great to.without slowing them down any. Lots more work involved than just topping though.
              I normally top between the 5th -6th, and also remove the first, most of the time, unless it's growing really good.

            I am new to autos so don't have the vaguest fucking idea. I guess I had better study the preceding posts.

            NebulaHaze says:
            "3 Main Schools of Thought on Auto-Flower Training

            There are 3 main schools of thought about what works best when it comes to training auto-flowering cannabis plants:
            • No Training at All – Since autos only stay in the vegetative stage for a few weeks, if you stress your plant too much with extensive training, it may end up stunted. A stunted auto-flowering plant produces very low yields. As a result, many growers recommend no training at all when it comes to auto-flowering marijuana strains, just to be safe. Untrained plants still produce a lot of bud!
            • Low Stress Training Only (Bending) – The idea behind low stress training is to force the plant into the flat shape you want by bending all new stems and tying them down. The advantage of sticking only to bending is it’s very low stress (hence the name) on the plant. There’s basically no chance of stunting from simple bending. However, with LST you don’t have the same full control over the plant’s shape as you do when you actually “top” the plant (split the main cola into two), which makes it very easy to grow a wide and flat plant.
            • “Top” the Plant in Addition to Other Training Modern auto-flowering strains often respond well to “topping”. This is when you cut off the very top of the main stem when the plant has only a few nodes, so that it grows two main stems instead of just one. This makes it easy to spread out the plant under the light. Topping usually won’t stress your plant if it’s healthy and fast-growing, but it’s possible that topping may contribute to stress or stunting if your plant is slow growing or sickly.

            Most growers agree you don’t want to do aggressive training on an auto-flowering plant, for example you probably wouldn’t want to make a full manifold, which takes several weeks in the vegetative stage to set up. Though there are exceptions, you usually don’t have enough time in the vegetative stage to take full advantage of that kind of training technique with auto-flowering plants."
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              I always follow Nebula Haze advice; I always top plants but have found that care must be taken when doing LST so that your plants don't go into Bonsai mode and stunt their growth.
              Trellis netting to create an even canopy of growth to achieve even light can boost yield even in very small grows tents or areas.


                PS one poor guy I knew had some beautiful pants and was plucking and twisting on them every day and couldn't leave them alone until they stunted and he had puny little plants with puny little buds. His crop was a total disaster.


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