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CS vs GA3

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    Took some digging but I finally found some info to get started with.
    0.1 g GA3 to 1 litter of distilled water, spray the area of the plant you wish to hermie once per day for 5 days.
    Some say you must dissolve the GA with rubbing alcohol, then add it to water, others say it dissolves in water with a few days rest.

    I also found some folks that are very negative on GA, saying it is dangerous, does not give good results, etc.. These folks seemed to be pushing "GA Special" which was a flop and no longer available (maybe a very diluted form??). These folks were trying to increase output of the plant (spraying the buds once and watering with it LOL, a little does this, I'll use twice that every day and make really fat buds, what are these balls hanging out there,,,), and they did not get it that the thread they posted in was about creating seed, not increasing output! For their purpose I would think kelp would be what to use, it contains GA.

    I also found some say plain jane aspirin will do the same thing to a MJ plant, but no amounts to use. IF I was going to use this method I would be harvesting green willow tips.

    I will add I found nothing that said with GA I need to toss the pot, the soil, the bud everything that was touched as with CS.


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