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First Time Grow DWC System, Viparspectra 600w LED

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    a view from top of the Kilimanjaro 1 week after 3rd topping and LST
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      Hey Guys, Some Updates Here

      Some new photos from both of my plants, kilimanjaro started to stretching after 3rd topping but BBSC still stays like a shy girl with thick small stems, thats why its so hard to bend and do LST to her and i already broked her once dont want to make anymore harm to her. their height is like 9-12cm, im going to install scrog net to 20cm i guess. but should i switch to flowering when they reach net or fill the net completely? because they say sativa strain may stretch more than 3x and if i wait it to fill the whole scrog net before i switch floweriing where will it stretch afrterwards?=) maybe alltatup would help me in this?

      firts picture: there is red circle which shows a new growth from old stem, it also happened to BBSC before in the main stem and i cut them off already. should i cut this one too?

      3rd picture: shows both plants at same frame so you can compare the size of them. BBSC sprotued 2-3 days later when i started (you can see at the begining of the post) does it effect that much?

      I checked the roots today and i have been keeping the track of both of the plants and at first BBSC's roots were growing so fast and but after i removed water pump (because of the hose and all parts of the water pump covered with dark brown stuff which makes origins of the roots darker i guess) Kilimanjaro developed 2-3 thick roots and now all of them reached water but there is no sign of new ones on BBSC, and i found that rockwool of the BBSC is way drier than Kilimanjaro so i decided to install water pump back in action after i sterilized all parts of it and connected it only on BBSC so i will wait and see the reactions if there will be any.

      daily notes:

      - RH 45-55% tent temperature 22-23 Celcius, water temperature. 18-19.5 Celcius
      - Cooling fan and steam generator's places swapped
      - Water Pump added to only BBSC
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      • alltatup
        alltatup commented
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        Hi maner, I have never scrogged, so I can't help you there. You can expect new bud sites to pop up once the 12/12 lighting kicks in. Your manifolding is lovely!

      • maner
        maner commented
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        Thank you =)) i worked on her so much to make that shape but BBSC hasnt stretched much yet so impossible to bend.
        As a sativa grower which training method you use then? Don't you recommend scrog? im confused a bit and need to determine my route which that im going to use onwards

      I'm gonna grow my next crop in the exact same setup and same equipment, I'm gonna watch your grow to see how you do. I have acrop flowering now in FFOF and under hid and then clones from that crop to flower, the clones will be my first use of the new equipment to test out everything, then on to some Nirvana autos, good luck!
      If weed is healthy...why am I so broken down?


        Im still waiting for answers=(

        extra question: do i really need to do scrog, i already mainlined 3 times which means i now ihave 8 main colas and they are all nearly at same level?


          I find the the trellis netting offers great support once your flowers start putting on weight. It really reduces plant stress from possible broken/bent branches.


            I also use 2 layers of netting. One about a foot above the pails and another about a foot and a half above that.


              Hey all,

              im not entering weekly updates anymore because nobody seems interested about this thread and only few of my weekly questions finds answers.

              anyway i have changed reservoir 3rd of April last week (after 11 week veg period with 3 toppings) and started flowering period, with supplying transition period dosage of flora trio GH nutes.

              i have installed exhaust fan after res change but my RH stays too high (60-75%) after the installation. my city has high RH and when it gets hotter it will stay high in my opinion (now its %60 possible to be higher). and i know that this percentage of RH is dangerous about mold and other possible diseases. what can i do to take RH lower levels?
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                I suffer from the same problems in the summer and in the winter it's dry as a bone. I use a portable air conditioner/dehumidifier. I can usually keep my room around 50% that way. It is an extra hot on the power bill unfortunately.


                  Hit not hot


                  • maner
                    maner commented
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                    hit not hot? thanks for sharing your experience but its so expensive to buy dehumidifier or portable AC, i bought some tablet to dehumidify but im not sure it will help enough or not

                  Hi guys, its been so long, i have been dealing with RH, root and other (seems minor for me) problems but i partially overcomed all of them. my RH is between 60-40 because of rainy and cloudy wheater, on clear days it drops under 50% but when its cloudy it raises higher than 50%. i started using tablet to drop RH and bought another fan with clips so i can supply them full air circulation.

                  Roots: Half of the roots of BBSC become so compact and a bit darker than other part of the same plant's roots and kilimanjaro's roots. same thing was happening to kilimanjaro in the mid of veg phase and i separated them from each other and it cured itself and created thick main roots after that operation, i dont know whether it is good or not but it worked once. by the way while i was seperating BBSC roots there were some bad smell like fart=)

                  Defoliation: I did defoliation right before flowering switch and 3rd week of flowering. But im weekly removing 5-9 leaves from each plant. What do you think about the leaf crowd of my leaves? is it ok to remove 5-9 leaves weekly?

                  mid 6th week of flowering: Now im at the mid of the 6th week of flowering period according to the breeders my strains expected flowering time is 8-10 weeks. What do you think about the progress of my plants? it seems there are no buds or so small little green leafy things between white pistils and BBSC growing different than kilimanjaro, its branches are so thick like 1,5x thicker than kilimanjaro's but it hasnt produced that much bud yet is it normal?

                  note: red dots shows the main colas of BBSC

                  all comments will be appreciated. Beacuse of im first timer, i cant imagine if my plants are growing on schedule or behind.

                  Thank you
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                    looking nice maner !

                    i had a problem with bad smelling roots a few weeks ago as well.
                    i had to trim off the bad roots which removed almost half the root system; they've replaced that now and more.

                    I've been using Fulvic Acid + seaweed (kelp) (5 parts fulvic acid to 2 parts seaweed) + sensizym which seems to be keeping them happy (should help with the nutrient uptake).
                    been using high K as part of my nutrient mix... potassium helps the plants produce buds...
                    Lighthouse LITE growtent 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m
                    PLANTiT DWC Aeros IV -> 4 buckets + main tank [75L total volume]
                    Budmaster G.O.D-4 LED light (their recommended replacement for 400w HPS)
                    RAM air blower with carbon filter
                    Hydor Pico 600.115 600L/hr water pump
                    2x Marina 200 Air Pump (2X110 L/hr) to 2 air stones each
                    Hydrogarden ESSENTIALS pH Meter
                    HM Digital (NaCl calibrated) TDS meter


                    • maner
                      maner commented
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                      thank you for your positive vibes!

                      beacuse its my first time im so nervous about trimming bad part of roots, won't it cause a stress on plant in late flowering?

                      i cant find those product, i searched for sensizym but there were no such thing here and i cant import unfotunatelly. i got great white, do you think will it do the job?

                    • FlyingDutchPaddy
                      FlyingDutchPaddy commented
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                      i had to trim the roots around week 4 of switching to 12/12 lighting.
                      after doing so i added AN voodoo juice to my nutrient mix for 3 weeks to encourage root growth.
                      your great white looks to be simiar to the voodoo juice in the effect - root growth.

                      the sensizym is supposed to break down dead root material so that those are available to the plant again.
                      im not completely convinced that its working as good as its advertised, though that may be related to how long it has been on the shelf before i bought it.
                      it could very well be that freshly produced sensizym/voodoo juice will indeed work wonders.

                      the fulvic acid you may find as humic acid.
                      goes from light orange/yellow (fulvic) to dark (humic), the lighter side is Fulvic.
                      More info on Fulvic acid that i found (info is good to know) :

                      the seaweed extract is made from kelp. you may find something with kelp or seaweed, depends on how its marketed.

                      I learned about the kelp/seaweed and fulvic acid combination by watching plant nutrition video's from Harley Smith (NPK).

                    She is looking really nice. I would probably take off more leaves but it always makes me wonder if I did right. Thanks for sharing !!


                      Afternoon can be pretty soul destroying posting with limited feedback. The plus side is this is a good grow mate. I wouldn`t do much more defoliating this late in but poss try and tuck some leaves outta the way but be mindful of mold. Personally, I`d have been heavier at flip and 3 week-usually by week 3 the leaves have bounced back but I find the canopy`s not so full so 3rd week is a bit less than flip. This is an old pic of a girl that shows how far I`d take it at 3...this is the max I`d do for but I`d expect good bud growth as well as good leaf development. That is a lot of canopy you have there so lower buds are likely to be more airy but hell, still a very healthy looking lass and great bud sites. She`ll yield well and next grow will build upon this. Defoliating is a personal thing...there`s not that many factors...well 2 really for me-you have to remove enough leaves to make defoliating successful and it depends upon the strain. It really is trial and error. I`d go 2/3rds of how much you think you need to remove if you find you generally overdo it and def more next grow. That`s what I`ve been working on anyway. Anyway, however you approach it, there will be mistakes but it`s a personal learning curve, one mother of a curve though. Good luck mate. Sorry for quality of pic but this old pic seemed to suit this chat well Click image for larger version  Name:	20190516_171635.jpg Views:	1 Size:	2.85 MB ID:	310993


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