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Who has done a solid 24 hour auto flower grow?

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  • Who has done a solid 24 hour auto flower grow?

    I'd be interested in hearing a bunch more about it.

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    I did 24/0 from seed with 600W HPS. First grow, half pound from two unknown strains.

    I did a bit of a write up about it but didn't document during the grow because I wasn't on the forum yet and was too lazy to take proper notes.

    Hey all, OzBud here. I’m a ten year recreational daily bong smoker and first time grower. After completing my recent grow I took a few pictures for my
    Completed auto grows 2
    Known strains grown:
    Afghan Kush Ryder

    2x4 Gorilla tent
    600W HPS
    GH Flora Series trio + Armor Si, CALiMAGic, RapidStart, Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus, FloraKleen, Diamond Nectar, FloraBlend, FloraNectar (Sugar Cane version).

    Grows using this setup: 1
    Largest yield from this setup: 20oz / 567g

    Current grows:

    Previous grows:


    • Nartak
      Nartak commented
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      That was a nice trip Oz,cheers

    • rockman
      rockman commented
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      Still awesome to see again! πŸ™Œ You're talking me into giving mine the extra 4 hours of grow time!

    • OzBud
      OzBud commented
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      It's just what I decided to do. I honestly don't know if the extra 20% energy would result in a 20% yield increase, I doubt it though. Just meant it was simple, I plugged the light in & turned it on & that was it. no timer or manual on/off. Temps & humidity remained consistent all grow right through the worst of winter.

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    Went back to your thread to refresh my memory. Fantastic girls you grew there with an equally fantastic harvest! I still think I'll probably do my autos on a 20/4 schedule. I don't know why, other than that is what I use for vegging.


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      Thanks. I appreciate your info. I think I'll try and do a 24 hour cycle this time


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        I would do no other...Ever...24 is much info out there on this...anyway here are my two current auto grows..

        Both 24 hrs. Light... And major defoliation and serious lst and cutting....both threads are long and current...

        ​​​​​​​Growth rate with 24 on either photo or auto is uncompareable to anything else...
        Test grower for Seedsman Seeds & Fast Buds American Autoflowers...


        • Green75
          Green75 commented
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          And I give them full nutes....

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        How do i feed my auto flowers using fox farm


        • Nartak
          Nartak commented
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          I believe the label on the container provides that info! The good people of this forum have put together a guide for us to use here

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