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A few newbie coco watering/neut questions

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    A few newbie coco watering/neut questions

    Hello all, I have been reading on the website for a few weeks and decided to join the forums. I'm new to growing weed/indoor growing, I do have a large outdoor flowerbed and love gardening though. I have never potted plants into coco coir and after reading alot on web, buying a few books and watching alot of videos I'm more confused about a few things than when I started.

    My questions of conflict are mostly in watering and nutrients for coco. I plan to use Canna coco A+B for my grow and was going to follow the neut schedule listed on this websites grow guide. I will be growing in 7 gallon smart/thick cloth pots.

    Some people have said that the coco should always be wet and draining into a tub and watered everyday with runoff catch like a hydro system. Others have said to just check when the coco feels like it needs water like I would in a dirt pot. and others have mentioned seemingly odd things to me like letting it dry out a bit before watering again. So which is it? I would love some input here. I would prefer to not have to water every single day, and thought my larger pots would help for this?

    I dont quite understand the neut schedule, I understand the mixing of it but not how often that amount should be given to the plant over what time period, and have heard conflicting things.
    Such as if neuts says 15ml/gal on week 3. Does that mean in only give it 15 ml per week, or does that mean in all of the water fed it should have 15/ml gal during week 3?

    The other thing is some people are saying to only give 1/4-1/2 what the schedule says, others saying follow the schedule?

    I heard from one person that you should alternate from neuts to water each watering another said spread neuts thin in all water,this is similar to above low dose I guess?

    Thanks for any help! I hope to have my first grow up soon, almost done putting it together. This website and community has already been a great resource for information, I hope to apply the teachings of you masters soon.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    So that's the thing everybody does it a little different.
    and the opinions will vary from person to person, environment to environment, and grow to grow

    if it's your first grow, indoors, in cooc, I would just f follow nebulas directions on the website, it is simple and easy to use produces some really good cannabis.

    Others will be along soon to give you there opinion

    I personally water every couple days depending on how light the Pots feel, alternating water and nutes, You should always start nutrients at half strength in young seedlings and move it up till your plants are happy with the amount without overdoing it.

    if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them about how I grow, good luck! and we'll see you in the Forum
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    • OkieSmokey
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      Yea I understand going light on neuts at first for sure, dont want to burn them up. Thanks for info, watering every few days by feel was more of my original plan so glad to know that will be ok.

    • Mr.furley
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      When you start to increase your nutrients, after a couple weeks alot of us will push the volume till we see a little tip burn then back off a tad. The other option is to use a TDS meter for PPM'S according to your feed chart. I personally watch my plants for what they need because each strain can have a different nutrient need.

    if you are hand watering drain to waste then i would water just enough water very slowly all around with little to no run off, that way you dont waste any nutrients, thats what i do with my outdoor plants in coco, definitely check the page its made by a former member professor in biology and it has all the info you need, like furley very well said, everyone does it differently because all setups and environments are different, so you wont find a single best way. if you want to consider flood and drain check vader og on youtube


    • OkieSmokey
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      Aye will be hand watering, I might consider something more sophisticated after my first grow but trying to keep it closer to what I'm familiar with for now.

    • 9fingerleafs
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      yeah you gotta figure out exactly how much water an nutrients to use before thinking of automation, dont get me wrong i just recently switched to coco a few months ago, but ive been reusing the same soil for 3 years now so it behaves like hydro nutrientwise. the only thing i could tell you is coco will hold less water than you imagine, i give my outdoor plant three quarts every day in a 5 gal pot, i slip my fingers below the pot and it gets wet but doesnt drip, took me a few waterings to find the right ammount.

    I personally water daily around the time they start the flower stretch. During seedling/veg stage, normally every other day.

    I use nutrients every time I water. As for following a schedule, I use Megacrop nutes and start out with just a little when they sprout and slowly work my way up. I have had pretty good results doing it this way.

    However, as many people pointed out already, it seems almost every person on here does it differently. This is great news because you can choose which way works best for you and probably do just as good as the rest of us.

    Good luck with whatever way you choose to go!

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    • OkieSmokey
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      Thanks for input

    Like others are saying, different growers use different feed/water schedules and I say to each their own / whatever works for your setup. IMO, coco should never dry out and always use nutes, no water only days. Feed every other day works and only use straight ph'd water fcor a mid-grow flush and end of flower flush. For your question about week 3, 15ml/gallon means each time you feed. That sounds high for any nutrient brand at any growth stage. Start with half doses and work your way up to find the sweet spot, IMO. GL!
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