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    Yesterday was plant clones day, I took the clones out of the water and put them in a tray. They are in my 2x4x4 tent with a 1500w LED up high, as they look better I am going to start lowering the light but there is so much light in the tent I am pretty sure they are getting enough. The other clones are recovering and may grow.

    I ordered 8 bricks of coco coir last night. I am picking up some pearlite at Home Depot today, its half the price it is at Home Depot as Amazon. I am going to try these out at 18/6 the last current grow I have I vegged 24/7. I am going to plant 8 of them. I have some coco coir 3" pots that I will move them into when I get the bricks. I will pick the best one from each strain and put them in 5 gallon fabric pots and then the remaining 6 in 3 gal pots. I am going to have to get a more powerful fan for my veg tent. I have the 4" duct fan running but the temp is staying around 80 and humidity is 70%.

    Anyone ordered from seed king it has been 3 weeks since I got shipping notice. No seeds yet, I check the mail as soon as I get home, I hope they come, but I will have a batch to move into my 4x4 tent when the 2 plants I have are done and dry I hope. And then start some real seeds, I am excited to see some known strains growing.

    The remaining 2 of my 5 plants that are girls keep growing like crazy, buds are remotely starting to form. Whatever this strain is it is tall and slow, the smell is good, they just seem to be taking a long time to get buds really going. My buddy planted his plants just about the same time and he has very visible buds. The clones that are on survival mode came from him.

    Otherwise all is good not much to do but wait. temp is staying at 75 day and 65 night at 45 to 50 humidity. Lights on at 6am and off at 6pm.

    This is the best hobby in the F#$kin in the world!

    I just read the competition that was done with the Autos


      Looks like you are going through some of the same challenges as me with the low temperatures. This is my first grow too. I'm in the second week of flower running low 70's F day to low to mid 50's F at night. I have four plants in 5 gallon pots and they are close to four feet tall. Good luck!


        Originally posted by fallenmunk View Post
        Looks like you are going through some of the same challenges as me with the low temperatures. This is my first grow too. I'm in the second week of flower running low 70's F day to low to mid 50's F at night. I have four plants in 5 gallon pots and they are close to four feet tall. Good luck!
        Your plants look great! I have my WIFI Hydrometrer and have kept the basement at 66 degrees consistently, and been able to maintain 60 to 76 degree range with a weekly average of 70 degrees and average of 48%


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          Thanks man! First grow is going crazy! Nice that you can track your temps and humidity. I just use a infrared temp gun to measure leaf temps on occasion. And since I have a basement in Oregon, I never worry about humidity.

        Well after asking when my seeds would come, they were sitting on the counter when I got home. I did open them but forgot to take a picture. Very excited.

        I trimmed up some shade leaves at lunch and took a bunch of pictures the buds look like they are getting started now. I can see some little hairs. I also had to pick up some smoke I put a picture of it from a friend, it's birthday cookie and quite good! I made sure that each bud was getting light from above and tied down several branches. I also took off several lower small bud sites that were tiny.

        I was planning the following schedule with my two tents and where I am now. Give me any input from an experienced grower if my schedule and thinking is logical. Finish my first grow with my remaining 2 plants. While they finish flowering and drying, I have 10 clones and everything I need for a new grow. So I will plant the best 8 clones I am going to start them in 3" pots and move them bigger when needed, hopefully will go to 3gal but I don't think I can fit 8 in my 2x4x4 tent. As soon as my tent is empty and they are remotely healthy, put them in 4x4 tent and as that is happening I will germinate 3 of each of my SeedKing Gelato and Strawberry Banana seeds. I plan to grow 3 of each and keep the best of each as a mother in the veg tent. I am tempted to just grow the seeds and forget about the unknown clones, but I think I should practice some more. I want to learn more training and will be better prepared for my good known seeds. I may also get another small tent to keep the mother's in. Any input would be very appreciative.


          Today has been a very slow day at the car dealership. After taking a long lunch break and trimming and tying branches. I came back to work and updated my cost analysis spreadsheet. I have been tracking every expense so far. A lot of the stuff at the end was for the next grow, but I decided to track all expense related to my hobby during each grow. I really like numbers so I will probably break this down into categories and figure out what the grow cost and the equipment. I hope this gets cheaper as I go! I also have a 2nd page that is not formatted at all yet that calculates the expense with electricity and anything else that is a expense. I will share that another time. Well 10 minutes till I get to go happy growing everyone.

          Grow Cost Calculator
          Date Amount Where Purchased Description What For
          12/16/18 $140.00 Amazon LED 1500 Watt Light The most important part and it will pay for itself in electrical saving in this first grow alone
          12/19/18 $18.00 Amazon 4 of Soil pH Meter 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit For Moisture,Light & pH,Great For Garden,Farm, Lawn,Plants,Herbs & Gardening Tools,Indoor & Outdoor Plant Care Soil Tester(No Battery needed) 4 PH, Light, water, meters, I had one already
          12/19/18 $39.99 Amazon Fitfirst 1200W/600W Ceramic Space Heater, Portable Electric Heater Fan with Adjustable Thermostat, Auto Oscillate, Tip-over And Overheat Protection, Carrying Handle, for Home Office Use Works OK using the digital thermometer, it has helped me dial in the each temperature, but would research further a better option.
          12/19/18 $7.91 Amazon Houseables Spray Bottle Cleaner, Plastic, 24 Oz. Professional Sprayer, Adjustable Nozzle, Pack of 3 Got to have a few
          12/19/18 $13.99 Amazon VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags, Premium Series Thichkened Non-Woven Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles - Reinforced Weight Capacity & Extremely Durable (Black) Grow Bags 3 Gallon, should have gotten 5 Gal to start
          12/21/18 $20.13 InnerGrow Potters Gold Soil Soil for the 5 3 Gallon pots. Should have packed a bit more in and gotten 3 bags, after dirt salted, they condensed and may get root bound
          12/21/18 $12.97 Amazon iPower GLFANXCONTROL Exhaust Variable Speed Adjuster for Duct Inline Fan Vent Blower, HVAC Controls, 350W, Black Exhaust Fan speed controller
          12/21/18 $7.98 Amazon iPower 4 Inch 8 Feet Non-Insulated Flex Air Aluminum Ducting Dryer Vent Hose for HVAC Ventilation, 2 Clamps included to vent exhaust fan outside
          12/21/18 $17.93 Amazon iPower 4 Inch 100 CFM Booster Fan Inline Duct Vent Blower for HVAC Exhaust and Intake 5.5' Grounded Power Cord Fan, it did not have a low enough speed but kept in case and shipping back was half of the cost
          12/21/18 $75.99 Amazon Wifi Temperature Humidity Monitor for iPhone/Android, Govee Wireless Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer, Humidity Gauge, Wireless Temperature Sensor with Alerts(Data Log and Calibration Available) WIFI Temp and Humidity Monitor, next to the camera my favorite thing to check on my phone.
          12/21/18 $20.99 Amazon Purple Reign 125V 24 Hour Hydroponic 8 Outlet Power Strip Grow Light Timer Power Strip with timer, it sucks but using it as a power strip, do not buy this get a wifi smart plug or smart power strip
          12/22/18 $14.95 Amazon Happy Hydro 2 Pack Straight Tip Trimming Scissors Spring-Loaded Comfort Grip Handles Titanium Coated Blades Trimming Scissors
          12/22/18 $9.89 Amazon Missry Associates Misco Plastic Watering Can, 2-Gallon, Lime Green the spout fell off about the 2nd week, POS don't buy
          12/22/18 $4.20 Amazon Bulbrite 105425 25W Transparent Green A19 Bulb Green Light for going in the dark times in tent
          12/23/18 $5.99 Amazon Samsung 32GB 95MB/s (U1) MicroSD EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME32GA/AM) For Wyze Camera
          12/23/18 $25.98 Amazon Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa Wyze 1080P wireless Smart Camera to monitor tent
          12/24/18 $10.05 Tractor Supply Zip Ties and Vent Always need zip ties and got a reducer for the vent fan
          1/4/19 $16.99 Amazon Kasa Smart Plug Outlet by TP-Link - Reliable WiFi Connection, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa Echo & Google Assistant (HS100) Bought to schedule light then realized the 110 model will monitor power seats
          1/6/19 $12.77 Amazon Zazzy 2ft 8 Layer Black Mesh Hanging Herb Drying Rack Dry Net Will use for drying
          1/8/19 $38.50 Amazon TP-Link Accessory HS110 Kit 2Pack Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Retail Used to measure power and remotely monitor electricity status
          1/8/19 $11.99 Amazon VIVOSUN 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags Heavy Duty 300G Thickened Nonwoven Plant Fabric Pots with Handles Bought to report current but I believe the 3 gallon pots will be enough. Will use in next grow going to get 1 Gallon to start in and then go to 5
          1/2/19 $45.00 Menards Exaust Fan and PVC Fittings Fan I bought on Amazon did not have a slow enough speed. Keeping both. Bought a ext warranty on this one
          1/13/19 $17.95 Amazon Ona Gel Pro, 30 oz Clear up odor upstairs, kids came over and said they could smell it.
          1/13/19 $15.99 Amazon [UL Listed] Miady Short Power Extension Cord Outlet Saver, 16AWG/13A, 3 Prong (10 Pack, Black, 8 Inch) The Kasa wifi switches are too big for a power strip so these hang out and allow more to be plugged in.
          1/13/19 $25.98 Amazon Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa Wyze 1080P wireless Smart Camera to monitor outside tent
          1/23/19 $84.15 SeedKing Bought 5 Geloto and 5 Strawberry Banana Seeds
          1/25/19 $59.99 Amazon Oshion 4x2x5 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent Room (48"x 24"x 60") Tent for Veg Room
          1/25/19 $5.97 Amazon Akro-Mils Planters Pride RZR0300 8-Pack 3-Inch Fiber Grow Pot For Seedlings and then plant directly into 5G pots next grow
          1/25/19 $8.99 Amazon Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Pair of 1/8" Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger w/ Improved Metal Internal Gears Hang light in Veg tent
          1/25/19 $21.00 Amazon Comfort Zone CZ6C 6-Inch 2-Speed Clip-On Fan (White, 2 Fans) Get some air moving over the buds!
          1/25/19 $11.99 Amazon Dundas Jafine FD420ZW Flexible White Vinyl Duct, 4-Inches by 20-Feet, 4" x Duct Vent hose for Veg Tent
          1/25/19 $12.97 Amazon iPower GLFANXCONTROL Exhaust Variable Speed Adjuster for Duct Inline Fan Vent Blower, HVAC Controls, 350W, Black Vent fan controller
          1/25/19 $5.28 Amazon Deflecto Supurr-Vent Louvered Outdoor Dryer Vent Cover, 4 Inches Hood, White (HS4W/18) New Dryer vent cover
          1/25/19 $12.90 Amazon DCOU Hand Cranked Premium Grinder Unbreakable Aluminum Grinder for Herb and Spice 4 Parts 2.2 Inch (Black) Not really part of the grow but this looked cool
          1/25/19 $9.99 Amazon 2 of Wideskall Heavy Duty Appliance 3 Prong Angle Plug UL Listed Indoor Extension Cord (Grey) (12 Feet) Need to not use a 50' cord to run 8 feet
          1/25/19 $9.99 Amazon 2 of Wideskall Heavy Duty Appliance 3 Prong Angle Plug UL Listed Indoor Extension Cord (Grey) (12 Feet) To power veg tent
          1/28/19 $15.95 Amazon Hydrofarm Y Connector, 4 by 4 by 4-Inch Vent Y Spliter to hook up Veg tent exhaust
          1/28/19 $9.99 Amazon POWERTEC 70120 4-Inch Key Hose Clamp, 3-1/2-Inch to 4-3/8-Inch, 5PK Rings to secure veg exhaust
          1/28/19 $20.13 InnerGrow Potters Gold Soil Soil to add to the first grow pots they have settled. I have been adding just a bit every few days.
          2/4/19 $55.92 Amazon 8 of Root Naturally 650g Coconut Coir Brick - 1 pack Bought 8 for next grow
          2/4/19 $13.99 Amazon VIVOSUN 5-Pack 3 Gallon Plant Grow Bags, Premium Series Thichkened Non-Woven Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles - Reinforced Weight Capacity & Extremely Durable (Black) bought 8 more 3 gal for next grow of clones
          2/5/19 $17.98 Home Depot 2 cubic feet of perlite bought to mix with the Coir Way cheaper than on amazon
          Sub Total $1,009.29


            Originally posted by TLP80905 View Post
            The remaining plants do look like females. You should be good. Too bad about the others.
            Yup now they are starting to flower. They are in the middle of week 4 since 12/12 started.


              Last night I got home and 2 more Amazon packages arrived and I bought my Perlite the other day so I decided to mix up one brick to see how it worked. I put a 5 Gallon fabric basket in the sink and started filling it with water and dropped the brick in. Went up and put food on the table ate dinner and came back down and the whole thin was huge and broke up easily. I put it on a rack above the sink and let it mostly drain and started mixing in 4 quarts of Perlite. I then filled my Coco 3" pots with some. I put the 8 lowest quality plants in these and kept the 2 best looking ones out (I wanted to put those 2 right in a 1 Gallon fabric pots which 10 arrived today (I will plant those tonight).

              Yesterday I was thinking about timelines, and since the two plants I have have taken so long to grow, I figured I could run a few Auto't in 60 to 70 days and if these clones make it I can just keep them veging and move the Auto's to the other tent as they are finishing. So I bought some Jack Herer auto seeds from SeedKing, they had sent my a 25% off coupon. So now the plan will be is to start those as soon as they come, Veg the 10 clones along, untill the Auto's finish and then keep one mother from each set of clones and run the rest of the clones. That means I will have to wait a bit longer to grow the Geloto and Strawberry Banana seeds I bought.


                Today at lunch I trimmed the plants up a bit. I figured out a way to position the plant right under the LED ceiling spotlight I have above my work area. I center the plant under and play with upper leaves that are casting shadows down on any of the cola's, I took off all the ties and replaced some of them and moved all the branches so each cola gets no shadows from either plant. I can't imagine how full this tent would have been if all 5 had been girls. The smell is getting stronger for sure.

                I find it amazing how fast the leaves grow and move around to get the best light possible. Buds are starting to form and it looks like going to have several top cola's. This site has had some of the most informative information I have found. I love reading everything, and figuring out my way to do it from reading all the information. I have said it before this is one awesome hobby!

                Happy Growing!


                  That looks great. You will be growing some big sticky, buds soon!


                    Saturday I gave the girls a bath. I filled up my sink, PH'd the water to 6.7, added some nuts and let them sit for 5-10 min and then drained them. Sunday the still looked good. I also pulled the main cola on the plant that sits on the right down to same height as other plant. Everything is looking good for them.


                      That looks great! Do you know how to Super Crop cannabis plants by slightly pinching the stems at the top and ends of longest branches to stunt their growth a little and let the plant bush out some?
                      I have seen it work pretty well. Just don't overdo it like one friend of mine who wound up with cute little Bonsai cannabis plants.
                      Just squeeze the branch a little until it will bend some, if they fall over it will only be for a few hours then they will straighten back up again.


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                        I have read about it I did not do that with this grow, I did FIM them once, and I really liked the defloration information. I have been pulling the main cola down with clamps in the tent to keep the tops of the plants all about even and measuring the light distance to keep it at the optimal distance according to the article at about 16" above the top.

                      Took theses at lunch yesterday. Before I left for work I gave them some water. Had not watered since Saturday gave them each a drink, today pots still felt heavy. Not much changed today. This must be the hurry up and wait part.


                        Buds are starting to develop better today. My clones that are/were on life support are looking better today, mixed up some Maxi Grow/Calmag/PG 6.1 water and gave them a good drink. I cut a few dying leaves off.

                        I decided to add to my plan for next growing as well today. Since I had 3 out of 5 boys in this grow and will not yealided what I was hoping for out of my first grow, I had already ordered some Jack Herer Auto's and they should be here next week. I plan to veg the clones the whole time the Auto's run. I had bought some Geloto and Strawberry Banana from SeedKing and have those seeds now. I intend to grow those after the Auto's finish, since I now have these clones going I though what if I start one of each of the Geloto and Strawberry Banana and grow those as my mother plants. then as soon as the Autos finish I can move the clones into the flower tent and I will have 2 Mothers going I can take clones from to get my 4th grow going. Anyone want to weigh in on my thoughts on this. I do have to keep it to 12 plants to stay legal in MI. My Ex and Parents (even though I am 46) are not happy about it. They think that my kids are going to be exposed to it. I have and will continue to not let them near anything. It is sad, because this stuff keeps me off of anti-depressants and any other meds, They all only exposed to the negitives from other people and sources and never had read the benifits. Plus best f%&*ing hobby in the world.


                          You can use the Calendar feature on this forum or Google or Windows Calendars to plan out your grows. You can set up reminders and weekly feeding schedules. Its also a good journal tool to keep track of your grows.


                          • PhantomSulker
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                            Thanks for the info on the Calendar, I will use it on my next grow journal. I am starting 2 mother plants of Geloto and Strawberry Banana. I will use it with that I have been keeping everything on my google calendar. Thanks!

                          I did not really see this yesterday, but today I found and removed these leaves from the plant on the left only on lower branches. I haven't really figured it out based on the tutorials I posted this in the Sticky Section too. Also a few pic's of the developing buds!


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                            I got a update from a friend I texted who is a professional grower, he said "Looks like water drops that the light then burned the leaves".

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