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    Okay so I've been trying to get my girl back on track from the research I've done I assumed my problem over watering so for the past 3 week I've been going at least 5-6 days in between watering. It seems the buds are still growing but at the same more of the leaves are dying even the leaves sticking out of the buds. This is my first grow and I'm near the end so I really don't wanna toss her out but is it to late to save her???

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    Oh no! She looks pretty rough

    I notice the trichomes are sparse... might be the strain but you should have more frost than that. With that being said, I think you should cut your losses and chop it down. Probably not worth the effort/expense. You could let it go if you're not planning on firing up another grow but if the blight continues, chop chop. Maybe you can make some hash or oil.

    Please dont let this discourage you. If you want a simple recipe, I recommend coco, perlite, and nutrients of your choice. I think it's the easiest way to grow with excellent results. Coco is very forgiving with great yield potential to boot.


    • Cannabis-me
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      Awesome response!!

    • JayRich
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      How would I go about making the hash or oil and what would be the uses for it??

    • Royal Nugs
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      Both are extracts. It's basically processing or refining of the buds and sugar leaves.. you can certainly try smoking the buds but don't get your hopes up.

      Nebula has a dry ice hash tutorial, butter recipe, canna caps, and rick Simpson oil. Check em out.

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    Oh that sucks. I would chop it down too and cut your losses. Try to do something with it at least like royal suggests.
    Don't give up, keep on growing, learning & developing new skills & you'll have awesome buds in no time.
    Clean up, plan your next grow before you start so you'll be as prepared as possible then start the magical journey all over again.
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