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    Harvest 2019

    Harvested last Sunday. So now for the next few weeks the grow room is a humidor while I start the next grow. Holding a RH of 60-65% with good air flow. This will keep the small stuff from drying out to much while the bigger stuff dries. I've done this before works like a charm but the grow room is tied up. When I jar it, it will all be perfect for the final cure. Anyway a few photo's sorry for the quality. Almost filled up 21' of wire but not quite. Rest of it went into a hanging basket..Don't have a weight yet will reopen this thread later with that and kind of an evaluation of it. Most of it grower error. LOL Started this also today. My first venture into hydro. It's my nursery. When the roots get big enough will be going into an areoponics system that I will be putting together in the next couple of weeks

    Congrats on harvest, Cardshooter!! I grow hydroponically, so I'll be interested to see what you do. I'ma have to look up areoponics.
    "N if it's good enuf to get broke off a propa chunk, I'll take a small piece of some of that funky stuff"

    Grow # 9:White Widow (DP), Jack Herer (GHS), Bad Azz Kush (BF), C99 (G13 Labs),
    400w LED BCNL grow box,
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    400w MH/HPS BCNL grow box
    Future Harvest nutes


    • cardshooter
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      Aeroponics spelled it wrong LOL. Your roots are suspended and they are misted on an interval. Suppose to use the least amount of water of any growing method water is a premium for my grow room and a problem. The system I'm building is in 420 magazine. Problem is I have waited to long to buy the stuff and the big pump along with the misters are no longer available. Have found some other stuff that "should" work

    • alltatup
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      I read about it. Great way to save water, but I'm already set up for hydroponics...

    • Toker1
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      Check out fogponics. It doesn’t use misters...uses foggers. Interesting stuff.

    Looks like a good harvest to me! Congratulations!
    Current grow:

    4 55w autocobs (150 hps equivalent for each cob)
    3 gallon pots

    Gorilla glue auto x 2
    Gorilla glue #4 auto x 2

    Mainline vs. double mainline
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    • cardshooter
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      so does yours looks like a nice stack of jars!

    • mcubed476
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      Thanks! It was from one auto...crazy!

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