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What should I do with the larfy buds?

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    What should I do with the larfy buds?

    I have a big bag of larfy buds left over from harvest. They are sticky and shiny. How can I make hash easily?

    My guess is freeze it buy the bag pack and do bubble hash. What other methods are there?

    yes i think bubble hash and dry ice sift are the easiest. personally i would dry that, grind it up and vape it, if you remove the leaves and separate the larfy buds you can still smoke it, grind a big pile and make joints
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      Big bud,little bud,Larfy bud, any bud will do 😁 smoke um if u got um. Lol


        They are not fully developed. Is there any way to make it without the special bags? Can I compress it before I put it in the freezer?


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          Don’t compress if you plan on making bubble hash. You want the tric heads in good condition so you can mechanical remove them through the ice water agitation.
          Now if you are making RSO, BHO, live rosin, or distilled hash you can compress with no ill effects.
          Yes, starting the process with frozen trim is recommended.

        Decarb, and use in eatables


          Dry Ice hash will give you the best yield and then you can use that for anything! smoke, edibles , topicals etc

          It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

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            Way lo-tech, you can get a silk screen in a frame like an 8x10 pic. frame at the hobby store, lay it on a mirror or smooth table top, grind up bud over it, run it thru a flour sifter or by hand then just rub it around, scrape back forth with a credit card, or whatever. You'll be surprised what ends up on the mirror. Dry works best.
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