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Radical asymetry

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    Radical asymetry

    I have a plant from a Space Queen clone that has, at every node on the stalk, only a branch and a leaf on one side, then you go up a node and there's a single branch and leaf on the other side-on and on, all the way to the top. Not a single node with opposing branches. It's going to make some pretty decent nug, but it won't be a top producer. I don't remember ever seeing this before. I wonder if anybody else has. Mainly, I wonder if the potency will be low, like a hermaphrodite.

    I have tried space queen. Never grew it though. Potency was decent. I think you will be in for a fun ride.
    4x4 600w HID (empty for the summer)
    3x3 400w HID with 4 skywalker kush (new strain for me)
    2x2 LED 300w Mars Hydro with 4 mother strains
    running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


      In my limited experience, seedlings have opposing nodes that start to separate by the 5th or 6th node, and drift apart to where they are singles after that. Pretty much all clones I have either cutlivated or acquired also put out alternating, single node. Almost never symmetrically even pairs. When trying to manifold with clones, I have to pick 2 nodes that are fairly close together, because they are usually offset.

      What you are describing sounds normal, to me.
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