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Bathtub grow?

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    Bathtub grow?

    Hey - I’m new here and would love some advice on an idea. I’ve grown outside with good success and would like to try my hand at a small indoor grow. We have an extra bathroom and I’m toying with the idea of trying a few plants from clones in the bathtub. It’s about 21” wide and 4’ long, a big white stall, so maybe not unlike a tent? No windows but a small sunroof at top. I’d love to try 1-2 plants and was wondering mostly about lights. Id like to do LED for heat, power and noise considerations, but I’d prefer to not spent more than a few hundred dollars. I was thinking about one of the Viparspectra 450 watts or maybe 2 Viparspectra 300s. Any and all input appreciated. Thanks!
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    I've had great crops with the MarsHydro 300w- a couple of ounces/dense buds and the last 300w I purchased was under $50 (September, 2018).
    No light failure (3 years) with the 300w - unlike the reflector series which I have moved away from- into COBS/Chilled logics.

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      In my opinion Marshydro and Viparspectra are not worth it. I own and currently grow with both brands in veg. They are not useless but in hindsight not something I would choose knowing what I know now.


        LEC sun system 315 all in one plug+play, it cost a bit more up front but at 315 watts it’s a good choice for those who reduce the electric bill monthly.
        Great penetration and puts our about as much heat as a 600 watt hood with the same exaust system and carbon filter.


          I'm only on my first grow, but my room is 20" x 60" x 6' tall. I have two Viparspectra 450 over three plants. It seems to be working out, I keep the lights 12-14 inches above my girls and everybody is happy.
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          Last edited by purpleman; 01-12-2019, 01:25 PM. Reason: Here's my "inconspicuous" grow room in my garage
          2 Blue Widow fem
          2 POW33 x Berry Bomb fem
          seeds from new420guyseeds
          standard ace hardware potting soil and perlite
          standard 5 gal buckets
          60" w X 20" d X 72" h grow room
          2 Vipaspectra 450w LEDs


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