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    Pale leaves

    Hi all.

    I am in the second week of growing, I have three nodes on two plants. I am growing in coco with GHE's floracoco nutrients (doesn't need additional calmag GHE says).

    During the course of growth I have added nutes two times (quarter strength), other times I have used only plain water. They need water ever two or three days. Rhd is 46. Water ph is 6.2, I use ph down. Tap water is 7.2, 250ppm. My ph pen is calibrated.

    My leaves look kinda droopy and pale. But otherwise without a speck. At first I thought it might be overwatering. That didnvt help any and I was worried coco might dry out. I have started watering more often this week, still no change. No nutes added again.

    What is my next step? Should I boost the nutes?

    Two things.
    1 your Coco needs perlite, 70% soil /30% coco or 60/40 ratio.
    2. It's looks like a PH problem, do you water to runoff and if so have you check it.
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    Looks hungry to me. More nitrogen possibly. If you are properly PH adjusting then I would move up to half strength now.
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    • 9fingerleafs
      9fingerleafs commented
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      yes, or maybe feed every watering, dont give her plain water

    Looks like there isn't much of anything for the roots to grow in - could be root bound in that tiny little pot you got.
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    • PRIMO
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      I agree with the above, get some perlite and a 3 or 5 gallon smart pot, or drill 10 or 15 air holes in a plastic one. If your soil is kinda damp it makes transplant go smoother. Fill and pre-soak your new pot of soil. Use the small pot to form a hole in the new for the root ball.

    The pots are 300cc, close to a party cup. Took my plants out of the pots and checked the roots. They are slightly bound on the lower half, nothing like the pics of root bound plants I can find on GWE and internet. I am however seriously considering repotting them into the 3gal containers which will be my last container. My grow space is 2.5 x 2.5 ft. Wetted the soil yesterday morning so they slide out with ease.

    My coco has at least 30% perlite added but it is a special perlite, very tiny particles but very absorbant. The instructions on the box suggested 20-50% of perlite if growing industrial hemp. This perlite doesn't show on the pics well but it is there for sure. Gets a little dyed from soil when it is wet. But when dry it is white/yellow and shines like glitter.


    • Mr.furley
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      I'd say transplant.
      Camouflage perlite that's a new one. The perlite is a aerator allowing water and air to flow through the soil and not for retaining it, the faster your dry out the fast you can feed. So in the future get the big perlite as having wet roots all the time could lead to "yellowing"

    Actually, the thing I am using is not perlite but vermiculite. Maybe slightly less aerating that perlite, but in general they both serve similar purposes.

    I have now replanted them. To avoid any problems getting it out of the cup I haven't checked the runoff from the small pot. But my big pot's runoff was at 7.30 pH at the moment. I did another light flush with 5.5 plain water, now it is at 7.00. I don't wanna stress it by overwatering any further. Should I'll be waiting for the coco to dry to flush with another low pH mix? Guess this is going to be the quest of the upcoming week.


    • Mr.furley
      Mr.furley commented
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      Sounds like you are doing the right things.
      If it was mine I would let your pot dry till it is lite when you lift it. Lift your pot now for comparison
      Next water add some nutes ( if your pH is out your plants have missed some) and pH to 5.5, you can push extar water though at one time but you must let it dry in between each feed/flush usually a couple days. I'd suggest 1 gallon water mix to the 3 gallon pot for this watering. If your plant and PH are not getting better after that, then flush again and repeat. Get the output PH close to the input, 6.0 in and 6.3 out is close enough, but most importantly get it under 6.5.
      Make sure you have calmag.
      Good luck.

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