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    Potted pot size pots

    My Viparspectra 350w LED dimmable light has finally been ordered! I am SO almost official.

    Old Head (old school farmer-turned-closet grower) turned me on to a couple plants that were about 10" tall and 3 weeks old, grown under HPS/HID/Hwhatever. At the same time he gave them to me he moved a dozenish from the same batch of planted seeds to H/H/Hw. His are between 3-1/2' and 4' tall and are full-on flowering. Mine would be no more than 2' tall had I not topped one in a 1 gallon pot and spiraled the other in a 3 gallon under T5's. The 3 gallon plant was buried 6" lower than the soil level than it was grown, making a 10" plant look like a 4". Since I got them on Dec. 5 they have given me another half dozen inches, or so, under the T5's I'm working with. These will be put under the 350w LED. I have another four plants under the T5's that have each been topped once and a couple sprouts I T5'd a few days ago.
    Pots have come a long way since folks came above ground to grow. My 3 gallon spiral is staying where it is. My 1 gallon needs to move up in pot size when it goes to the LED. I understand the beauty of the new fangled hocus-pocus pots and am curious about my growing space VS plant size VS pot size. The space is a 2'x2' grow chamber and 1'x2' veg/clone. The plant size is ambiguous (Old Head bag seed size.) One plant will stick with the single toping and the spiral will continue spiraling.
    I don't have a big space for big pots or big plants. SCRoG is not currently an option. I understand these new pots you snake-oil sales people are trying to push are supposed to grow huge plants for huge roots. My plan is to go up to 3 gallon for the topper and punch a boat load of holes on the side. I've done this since I've grown anything in pots. It's not a new concept to me.
    I'm just curious if, say, a 2 gallon fabric type pot is going to give me as good results as a 3 gallon plastic with a boat load of holes.
    Tight buds, loose women, hot dabs

    HLG 360 Elite
    In coco 5/21
    Black Domina
    5 gallon fabric
    M.E. Coco and Perlite
    Dyna Gro Foliage
    Dyna Gro Bloom

    Snake oil sales man? hahahaha.
    I prefer cannabis connoisseur.
    small space+small pots= small plant
    2 and 3 gal will be perfect for a 2×2 tent.
    Good luck and welcome to the Dark side.
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      Cannabis connoisseur... it does have a certain ring to it, I like the monicker

    Welcome to the dark side.? WTF ol mr. furleys right about fabric pot size tho. U just can’t grow sh t on the dark side. I’ve grown in two and three gal pots and fabric pots and if watered properly will outdo the plastic in size and yield,do a side by side and make up your own mind.ive been growing for over fifty+ years and was hard pressed to change but seeing is beleaveing sometimes change is good 😎


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