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Famine DwC multistrain

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    Famine DwC multistrain

    Mi presento, sono Famine e dopo avere ricevuto tanto da questo sito, mi devo sdebitare mostrando ciò che ho imparato grazie a voi.
    Sa partiamo con tutte le varie specifiche.
    Box vegetativa, misure 50x120x150 cm.

    im going to learn so much italian reading your posts
    current grows


      Ti ringrazio x la visita sul mio 3d 9fingerleafs.
      Mi fa piacere che impari l'italiano.
      Una curiosità il tuo Brower non ti fa la traduzione nella tua lingua?
      Scusate se non scrivo in inglese, ho provato a usare il traduttore x scrivere in inglese, purtroppo molti termini non me li traduce giusti


      • 9fingerleafs
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        il mio browser non traduce, parlo spagnolo e inglese, questa è la prima volta che un membro parla un'altra lingua

      Dare I say it?...….. "Press one for English"...…. Grazie !
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        Originally posted by PRIMO View Post
        Dare I say it?...….. "Press one for English"...…. Grazie !
        Excuse me First, I'll try to post in English. I'm new to the forum, what do you mean with one?


        • 9fingerleafs
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          It’s a joke, like an automatic answering machine in the phone

        • PRIMO
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          Glad you got it Niner. I meant no disrespect, just my sense of humor. I wish I could speak Italian more than just pizza and vino, grazie , Arrivederci !

        I understood 9, I thought the Brower translates to automatically the language.


          Ciao amico, The browser does not automatically translate. Welcome to the forum!
          4/15/19 Grow #10: roomie 1: Green Crack (Cali Con), OG Kush (RQS), & Dr. Greenthumbs Em dog (HSO);
          roomie 2: C99 (G13 Labs), White Widow (DP), & Shiva Skunk (Sensi).
          2 BCNL Roommate hydroponic boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs & attached chillers.

          Future Harvest nutes


            I thank Primo for visiting me, I like jokes.
            I thank Alltup for the ride, sorry for my english.


            • alltatup
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              Your English is bene, bene.

            Welcome! Your english is well considerably, regardless good luck and happy growing!
            Call a plant beautiful, and it becomes a flower. Call it ugly, and it becomes a weed."

            -Jonathan Lockwood Huie-


            • D.A.A.S.69
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              Much better than mine. For sure.

            Let's start again, I made a little mess in this 3d Let's see the setups I have! Flowering box Secret Jardin 90 * 90 * 190 cm. Meizhi 2 panel lights one 400w and one 300w. Air aspirator 125 cm before klima 495 mc / h with dedicated filter. 2 fans all controlled with a reptile controller. From my point of view set well works great. Vegetable box 90x50x150 cm lights 150w mh and in case it is long with flowering, I have 3 hps bulbs with gradations k 2900/2100 / 1950.Air aspirator TT 150 mm in duct from 325mc / h without filter, a fan. DwC cultivation system, I only do female seeds, I'm trying a clone but for me it does not make me like a seed plant. Fertilizers that use ADV perfect ph, Bionova supermix, veg bar A + B, ion exchange resins, GHE for Coconut A + B, PK cane, mineral magic, silic boost, total care. In my cultivation I do not fix neither ph nor EC sometimes I just check the pH value without adjusting it.


              After much talk let's see what I do, box flowering.
              Inside we have a S. A. D. Sweet seed a Viola Russia Kalasmikov seed
              Let's see them more closely, being long with the bloom I put them in bloom in this box with hps 150w k2100 we are at the beginning of the second of flowering.

              S. A. D. In DwC from 20l (I mean quantity of water available to the plant).
              He did all the vegetative of 50 days fed cane veg.

              Radical situation, the dark color is due to you have cane fertilizers.

              Now it is fed with the GHE for coconut A + B, I do not have the Flores cane.



                Purple Russia in DwC Idrolab system, the only one not madehome.
                Capacity 20l I use it at 10l of water.
                She is fed to Bionova supermix and PK.
                To be able to make it stand in the box I had to use the supercrop, technique that I love.

                Radical situation.

                She has taken 65 days of vegetative life.


                  Box bloom, here in order we have a clone of gluberry in the blue bucket. Unfortunately, I can no longer pull the plants out of the box so as not to break branches.
                  I'm feeding them only to water, we're close to cutting. The gluberry was fed with ADV ph perfect, I consumed the 3 pak from a liter x element.

                  We hope that now the peaks grow bigger.
                  Then we have a Delicatess seed Alice in 5l DwC powered by ionic ion scanners.
                  The last plant I do on earth.
                  W. W. Rsq seed.
                  The cultivated in 9l pot with organic loam of a company near home, molasses and beer for the whole 30 days vegetative. Then fed in bloom with bio haven, PK a couple of times and then only water.

                  In the hope of not having bored you. We update ourselves ...


                    Finally it is cut, after 11 weeks

                    After 8 hours of work the result is this

                    The tops are very aerated

                    On the contrary, you have hard tops like stones, unfortunately I did not have the same yield

                    W. W. The only one in earth in a 9l pot.

                    Even she yield little beautiful hard tops.
                    Here the trunk of the gluberry

                    We update ourselves for the weight...


                      Great JOB

                      you should be dancing Click image for larger version

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                      In my defence
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