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Cannabis and insomnia

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    Cannabis and insomnia

    Many times I've heard that Cannabis can help with insomnia, but can't find any information about which type of consuming is better for this issue. Found some articles about some types of CBD Oil, like this. Have never tried it, but I do smoke a lot (it doesn't really help me anyway). Can you tell me: is that article right? Is consuming the CBD Oil really better than smoking some specific medical sorts?
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    From the comments/reviewer section of the article conclusions seemed to be up in the air. Some were helped and others not. It seems you will have to try the CBD. As with most new, and trendy products CBD oil is quite expensive. You seem informed, and knowledgeable about smoking so you have been using the correct strains? From my wife's experience her insomnia is alleviated by a portable vape she keeps on her night stand. The strain she prefers overall is Nirvana's Aurora Indica. If you haven't tried it you might give it a day in court.


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      uhhhh make that a night in court.

    It affects everyone differently. Give it a try, that’s all anyone could recommend.
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      I use cannabis for painsomnia amongst other things, and I find a strong Indica with equal parts THC & CBD work well for me - I use an oral spray, but oil drops under the tongue will amount to the same effect I think.


        I will say that CBD does help many people but not everyone. It is worth a shot but it is not cheaper than using mj and most places will cost you more.

        starramus beat me to the first strain that came to mind. Aurora indica is great for that. It is probably the strain most recommended for that purpose. But it again does not work for everyone. White Widow that is grown until at least 20% amber (i prefer 30% when grown for that purpose) trichomes works really well and for some is much better for that than the Aurora Indica. It in my experience works better for those who cant sleep due to stress or those who's mind races to hard to sleep.

        If you want to try a higher cbd strain but still has a decent amount of thc try Nebula CBD, Canatonic or catatonic, or one of the other strains that is 1 to 1 thc CBD.

        If you can go to a dispensary get a small amount of as many strains as you can and try until you find the one perfect for you. It can take a long time, and lots of different strains to find what is right for you but at least it is fun as hell looking for it.


          Seems like dosing and strain varieties are the most un-studied components of this medicine. I was at the doctors office last week asking this same question and redwasp has given me the best understanding I could find so far


          • Redwasp
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            I only know what I know from trying and trying. I have bad pain issues, ptsd, anxiety, and sleep issues. All from past life of playing to hard and my chosen career. I am medically retired so had time to test, try, test, try and keep trying to find what worked for me. I dont even know how many strains I've grown and tried over the years but its alot. I grow 5 to 6 different strains at a time so I know what they are and have slowly gotten closer and closer to exactly what I need. I'll probably never stop growing and testing new strains every grow.

            That being said I have different strains for different symptoms, different times of the day, different activity levels etc etc. Even the way you use them can make a difference in how effective it works. Smoke. Vap, edible, rso, etc etc. I am no expert on anything and have no clue what works for others but can help a bit on narrowing it down.

            Sorry for rambling on. And thanks for the compliment, well at least it was a compliment in my book. But I am willing to tell you about what works for me and or how I got there. But I can only profess to know what works for me, nothing more. If you have questions I can answer them here or in pm.

          This may be helpful on trying CBD products.Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20181207-215058_Facebook.jpg Views:	1 Size:	305.3 KB ID:	273693


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            Well, you have a significantly stronger grip on this then several professionals I have discussed this with... so I am very grateful to have this data at my fingertips. I have spent a fair anmount of reading time looking for exactly what you have provided and it’s not out there in too many places. For me....a big thumbs up👍, a high 5✋ And a laurel🥗and hardy handshake👋🏻

          Farmall anytime. We are all here to help. So any questions you have feel free to ask. Someone will try their best to answer them.


            i suffer from middle of the night insomnia, which is waking up all hours of the night and most nights cant go back to sleep....pure CBD didnt help me, however vaping higher CBD and THC did, i would micro does off and on all evening, then right before going to bed.....THC is just as important for insomnia as CBD. Vaping works best for me, a strain that works very well, is Chocolate mint OG from HSO, also CBD supreme durban posion from nirvana


              It sounds to me like you are wanting a clearer understanding of effective routes to dosing. For insomnia it depends on your troubles. If it’s difficult for you to get to sleep and once you’re asleep you’re fine I’d recommend smoking or vaping because of its rapid on and offset. However if it’s staying asleep, edibles are for you they take an hour or two to kick in and they last 6-8 hours. If it’s both I’d recommend both, but as always start low and go slow.
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                Great clarity....thanks. Those nights when it’s both, are horrible. Even the plants can’t be bothered, their in total dark. Sick and tired of tv reruns


                  My medical issues are almost identical to Redwasp's, and I'm also on permanent disability. I'm also in the midst of learning about terpenes, and which ones address which of my symptoms. Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001. "Big Weed" is becoming a huge industry, projected to be bigger than the beer market. The licensed producers are way ahead of traditional growers and I'm actually disgusted by a lot of what's going on but one benefit is the amount of info that's becoming available regarding the medical side of smoking/ingesting cannabis and cannabis derivatives.

                  I bought the clones I'm currently growing (Shishkaberry by Barney's Farm) from one such producer, and while Barney's provides the basic info that we're accustomed to seeing, the LP gives me the info in these pics.


                    While CBD and THC have positive effects on sleep, studies revealed that another cannabinoid has a more powerful effect compared to these two. Of all the cannabinoids, CBN appears to be the most sedative. Not only is it sedative, it takes very little to do the job. The consumption of 2.5mg to 5mg of CBN has the same level of sedation as a mild pharmaceutical sedative, with a relaxed body sensation similar to 5mg to 10mg of diazepam. CBN is synergistic with both CBD and D9THC for inducement of sleeping, and when mixed in the correct ratios, CBN becomes an effective sleep aid of 5-6 hours duration. CBN is either non-psychoactive or very mildly psychoactive.

                    Unlike CBD which is an altogether different cannabinoid from THC, CBN comes from THC itself. Most of the CBN found in cannabis is due to the degradation of THC, wherein the THC has oxidized to CBN. Enzymes from the plant transform a compound called CBGA or Cannabigerolic Acid into the precursors of the three major cannabinoids:

                    THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.
                    CBDA or cannabidiolic acid.
                    CBCA or cannabichromenic acid.

                    As the plant gets exposed to heat and sunlight, these three precursors become the cannabinoids we are most familiar with – THC, CBD, and CBG. While we consider CBG a minor cannabinoid, it’s interesting to note though that THC and CBD came from CBG.

                    Now, prolonged sun and air exposure degrade THCA. It loses four of its hydrogen atoms and converts into CBNA, which is the precursor of CBN. Exposure to more air and ultraviolet rays then converts CBNA into CBN. Heat application also turns CBNA into CBN.
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