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New setup,new lights

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    SOIL New setup,new lights

    regular seeds.first indoor grow
    ​​​​​​im a professional outdoor grower but i dont know ANYTHING about indoor!
    50w led full spectrum
    27w led (8*3w pink& 1*3w blue)-> i dont know when did i made this and why did i.maybe i was high
    18w fan
    i got so many light in every spectrum and wattage.problem is i dont have any idea about indoors
    any advise?
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    Blue,for veg. Reds and oranges for flowering lol


      The only real change is you gotta control the hours of light. Keep 18+ hours a day the light on for vegetative growth. And reduce to 12 hours when it comes to flowering. About 8 weeks of veg is enough for the plant to mature and be ready to flower. Use pots 3-5 gallon and top and train to get a more even canopy and take better advantage of your light. Being a pro grower you will have no problems
      current grows


        Red light and longer than 16 hours of light per day = more males with regular seeds. Blue light is what you want right now. I put regular seeds on for 14 hours of light per day and get great m-f ratios.
        Also 50 w isn’t very much light, might need something bulkier for flower.
        4x4 600w HID with 4 incredible bulk (new strain for me)
        3x3 400w HID with 4 incredible bulk (new strain for me)
        2x4 LED 300w Mars Hydro with 9 starts of multiple strains
        2x2 LED 300w Mars Hydro with 4 mother strains
        running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


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          Yes. You can use the 6500k cfls. That will work for small veg. Just note that cfl degrades substantially with distance from the bulb. You want them to be close to the plant (like an inch away) so it requires a lot of adjustments (or moving the plants as they grow larger). The light will only penetrate so far down, so smaller plants are ok, but for larger plants...might want to consider something else.

        • Mohsen228
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          Its not llegal here yet so i grow in a small closet.
          Have you ever seen blue cfl?
          Its like a normal cfl when off but as you turn it on emmits intense blue light.i uploaded the it good? 25w 1300lm

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          Try starting a new reply. I think commenting on a reply will not allow additional pictures. 😬
          But that’s ok for small clones or seedlings. You will need to increase the wattage when they grow larger.

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