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    HELP! Little and Large Plants

    Any ideas anyone, this is my first proper grow, in UK. I have 2 bcn critical xxl autos, 7 1/2 weeks old, both germinated same time and both sprouted same time, in coco, 250w hps dual spec, 80x80x160 tent ghe trio and a bit of lst, and as u can see one is slightly bigger than the other(ok not slightly), small 1 started flowering at 3 weeks, bigger 1 at 6 weeks, does anyone have any ideas what could of caused this, or is it just one of those things, if it's something I did it would be cool to know what it was for future reference, thanks all

    What is your light cycle running?
    Sweet tooth autoflower ×3 1/2 of 4.

    Regular seeds phenotype hunting.
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      I would read the breeders stats, one may be a xxl auto with a longer finishing time. Happy growing and good luck friend
      Call a plant beautiful, and it becomes a flower. Call it ugly, and it becomes a weed."

      -Jonathan Lockwood Huie-


        Hi Mr.furley thanks for the reply, at the time I was running 18/6 light cycle, as I also have 2 photoperiod ladies growing as well, white widow and diesel drift, as i said the smaller auto started flowering at about 3 weeks the big girl at about week 6, I only changed light cycle at week 5 when I put the 2 photos on 12/12( removed from tent and put in dark cupboard), since then then lights been on 24/7 with a few hours of dark every other day or so, so they both had same light and feed at the time, not that I'm complaining, it looks like it'll b all bud, also the little uns leaves r a really dark green and a leathery feel, apart from that, all good. Thanks again 😊


          Two sisters that are different heights are not unusual.
          I top all plants at the 5th node, trying to avoid it- as I grow different strains together-

          Once in a awhile it just doesnt' work.

          It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

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            Hi Weed Pharma, that's cool to know u can still top an auto, I'm thinking of trying that next grow then, makes sense to keep em same size, is there a big difference in yields at all?


            • Weed Pharma
              Weed Pharma commented
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              I get good yields-
              No Gee Wiz bragging buds- more buds sites with even light distribution works well.
              Timing is important- which is why I do it at the 5th node.

            • Weed Pharma
              Weed Pharma commented
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              As a side note:
              I have a Gee Wiz bud in the final stages, which I've grown for fun- it's about the size of a nerf football on a 18" plant.

            Hi SinsemillaScientist, I'd of thought that being the same seeds, bought at same time, they would of grown the same, oh well we live and learn or roll and burn 🤣 cheers


            • SinsemillaScientist
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              Surprisingly enough plants of the same strain can carry a different phenotype, sometimes the genetics or parents are listed and that can give you some good clues. And it may be just a processing mix up, either way it'll smoke, happy growing and good luck!

            • RagWeedDWC
              RagWeedDWC commented
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              All four of the Girl Scout Cookies I recently planted are diff phenotype, I have one that is a beast, just grows over everything, and one that looks like he (He was a he, cut him down as soon as his pecans showed) was recently beat up on the play ground. All growing from the same DWC tank.

            Thanks all,,,, just pleased it was nothing I did wrong, now hopefully big bess will stop growing upwards,,,, I'm slowly running out of paint pots 😂


              That's good info Weed Pharma cheers, I take it u can only top her the once though?


              • Weed Pharma
                Weed Pharma commented
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                TheMugwamp, I feel that topping auto's just once - at the critical time provides less amount of plant stress and the greatest amount of reward!

              Thanks RagWeedDWC nice to know it's quite a common problem,,,,, and nothing I did 😉


                In searching for seed, I found many autos that stated they are not yet genetically stable (not how they state it,, they kinda beet around the bush,,), and often make plants that look nothing alike, but each are great. Enjoy!


                • TheMugwamp
                  TheMugwamp commented
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                  Do u not get the same problem with photoperiod strains then?

                • Toker1
                  Toker1 commented
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                  Photoperoid plants have phenotypes as well. Only you can control that factor easily by cloning one plant many times.

                • Rwise
                  Rwise commented
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                  Certainly, or any other plant (or animal) you crossbreed, some may be what you want, others not so much. And throwbacks happen,,,

                That's good to know Toker1 thanks


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