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    Co2 ?

    ive been trying to figure a cheep way to add additional co2 to my grow room. I’m not thrilled with exhale bags,or with the expense of a tank and regulator. I choose a different path, Since the temp’s outside have dropped so has my grow closet temp to the point where I needed a heater to keep temps up I’ve taken to light up a candle and place in a holder so it can’t spill or catch anything on 🔥 it sits above all fans so there’s no chance of it being blown out as long as I practice good safety measures I can’t see a problem, how about u? All replies will b met with much thanks 😁
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    For Co2 I use yeast. Warm water, sugar and yeast. Works for a few days - don't really know if it helps, can't do a side by side comparison to tell.
    But one likes to think all these little tricks help produce big buds.
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    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


      Yea Canuck I saw OJH do that very thing a few months back but I never found out how he made out? I guess it’s like additives for your car if u think it’s working than it’s working If not it’s just snake oil, Lol


        I brew wine and beer, my plan is to start running the exhaust from that to the grow room. It is something they need to make O2 right,,,


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          Sounds like an eco friendly alternative to buying CO2 tanks and the refills. I checked with the local grow shop, and it is $140 for the tanks, and $7.00 for refills. Rwise, your CO2 is much cheaper, and you are making use of a byproduct. Such a deal!

        • Rwise
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          Well the house can smell like a brewery some days, but I had 6 wines going then. I would be afraid of CO rather than CO2, and wax getting on the weed from the fumes, I may be paranoid,,,

          Not only save the funds, but I get to have a nice wine with the buds
          Making wine is really easy to,the hardest thing was picking 60 lbs of blackberries! (2 batches, 6 gallon each)

        • Potted
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          I sure would like to try that wine...... and that wine infused bud😁

        If you grow in occupied space the CO2 levels are higher.

        I have my tent in the bedroom and run my lights at night -when plants use CO2.
        WIth 2 people in the bedroom the CO2 raises to 800ppm !

        Close enough for me,especially since I run a cool temperature tent.

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