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leaves turning yellow, leaves curl upward and rough edges

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    HELP! leaves turning yellow, leaves curl upward and rough edges

    I been growing this plant Cali Orange. I am in the 5th week of flowering, and all is been perfect until now. I notice the leaves turning light yellow, and the bud growth has slowed down. when I look inside the reservoir my water level is very slowly dropping . From what I read it seems like a mag problem and bad PH. I need some help here bad before it spread bad. I have added some photos, yes i know with the lights on its hard to see ther natural plant, best I could do for now.

    Grow tent 4X4X7 - 2 6" fans blowing
    IPower 6" exhaust fan & carbon filter / speedster speed controller
    1, 3gal DWC Buckets
    strain: 1 Cali Orange - Day 35 of 12/12
    nutrients - RX Bloom A-B @ very low dose 20ml per gal, 5ml each of hydroguard, (10 ml per gal PK 13/14 )
    Lights 1000 Watt full spec LED 20", Apollo 75 Watts full spec LED 16"
    humidity 39%
    temp 76
    PH 5.8

    Hey there. Long time no see. I know nothing about dwc but you checked ph? Or just assuming by the symptoms?


    • allmyown
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      Indeed it has been a while 9fingerleafs , had a lot of family matters, so kinda was on the lay low with my growing. Currently just assuming about the PH, when my lights come back on I plan to check

    • 9fingerleafs
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      I’m glad you’re having the chance to get back at it. Everyone is still very helpful around here. With some good pics and lots of details about your setup they’ll all chime in

    I grow hydro, but I can't see anything in the pink pics.
    Anyone can grow mid grade weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard.

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      Burple lights really don’t help to show your problems to well 🙁


        Gonna try and get some better pics when its time for lights to come back on. I know those are hard to see problem


          Are you constantly using PK13/14?
          Tent : 4x4


          2x Viparspectra v300

          BioBizzLight Mix
          Felt Pots 15/25L

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          Bud Ignitor , Big Bud, Overdrive
          CalMag Xtra

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          • allmyown
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            only using the PK 13/14 , during weeks 3456, of flowering

          • Nartak
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            i would say that is too much but maybe u have some kind of formula for it. I used it in week 4 and then week 6.

          Here are the photo's I took this morning, week 4 of flowering. I changed the reservoir yesterday, gave her fresh nutrients at a lower level, and added 5 Ml of Cal-Mag per gal. After taking off the really bad yellowed leaves, this is what is left. There is budlets on her, so hoping to save her.


          • alltatup
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            She looks like she's determined to produce good bud.

          Had s similar event with my hydro but only the lower leaves and only 1 or 2 at the bottom a 3 buckets. I pinched them off, changed my nutes ( using General Hydro trio) checked PH and I have not had too much of an issue at week 4 flower other than that.

          I find it very difficult to discern what causes this kinda stuff.


            Well this is week 5 of flowering. I changed the reservoir and flushed for 2 days with just water and 5ml of hydroguard. I then changed again only I am using a very low level of RX Bloom A & B, and 5ml of hydroguard. I dropped the PK 13/14, think you had a very good point Nartak, the yellowing of the leaves slowed down, and the Buds are getting bigger and fattening up. I am still concerned if I have enough good leaves left to produce some good dense bud.
            With the problems i have had with her, I know the yield will not be much, but dang it I am going to smoke me some of this Cali Orange Photos was taken today


            • alltatup
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              Let's hope you fixed the problem. The next 3-4 weeks should add a lot of weight to your buds.

            • allmyown
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              indeed i hope so, will keep a weekly update.......Thanks alltatup

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