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    Bud does it work?

    Okay, So i know everyone says that the last couple of weeks of the flower phase are the "most crucial" for "bud fattening". So what i want to know is, is there a scale by how much a buds density increases those last couple of weeks? 2x, 3x, 5x denser????? I figured people have come to realize the "flowering stretch" and could estimate how much a plant would grow, but what about this?? Anyone?
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    All depends on how you grow your plant - do lots of little tricks all the way through growing and I end up with buds averaging 2 - 5 grams each dried.
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      Hard to judge bud density like that. Sometimes bud density fools me after drying. You will see them bulk up, no doubt about that. How much, I think would depend on genetics.
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        humans dont often recognise change until its about 10%. swelling often occurs last couple weeks.density is a different change. hope this makes sense.


        • Juicyj89
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          Yeah for sure Ell and if thats the case 9fingerleafs ive noticed some huge trich encrusted calyxs. So hopefully some super dense big buds?

        • 9fingerleafs
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          Yeah hopefully. But you won’t really know how dense until it’s dried, there are some seriously resinous plants with fluffy nugs but modern hybrids are guaranteed to grow nice buds

        • 9fingerleafs
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          Check dr.grinspoon strain. Grows super weird with fat round calyxes covered in trichomes but they grow along the branch and don’t cluster into buds

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