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    No smell??

    So im about halfway thru week 6 and im not really picking up on any heavy smell. Really barely a smell at all. Which is also strange due to the crazy amount of trichs on my plant. Any ideas?
    “Pounds of weed. Sour D. That medical for my allergies.” - Juicy J

    Second Grow:

    Sweet Tooth Autos (4)
    192w t5 (veg) 400w HPS (flwr) 24/0hr
    3 Gal Smart Pots
    FoxFarm Trio
    +Open Sesame

    First grow:

    150w hps hydro grow (DIY)

    Current Grow:

    (1) new420guy Black Domina and P98 Bubba Kush
    192w t5
    Rapid Rooter/Jiffy-Pot/5 Gal Smart Pot
    FF BushDoctor Coco-Loco
    FF Nutrient Trio + CaliMagic

    It's one of two things. Either the strain you're growing just don't smell that strong or you got used to the smell of growing pot and like myself, you need someone else to tell you that your weed stinks up the neighborhood .


    • 9fingerleafs
      9fingerleafs commented
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      Hahahahaha that happens to me cause I spend 24 hours a day at home. Just wanna give you guys some food for thought. Everything you smell was at some point either solid or liquid. Aromatic particles get picked up by air (evaporate) and travel to your nose, so no smell right now doesn’t mean it has no terpenes it means right now they’re not being evaporated at the rate some other strains do. If you were to rise the temperature you’ll notice more smell

    • Juicyj89
      Juicyj89 commented
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      Okay. Well that makes since. Thanks 9fingerleafs. So by raise the you mean the maximum temp or what? Cause its not hot in my box by any means but i know it shouldn't get over 80

    • 9fingerleafs
      9fingerleafs commented
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      Yeah I mean don’t do it. It’s just that temperature it’s a big factor with smells, more heat means more smells evaporate. You want your smells to stay in your weed until after curing. You want them to evaporate inside the jar so when you open it you can enjoy it. Same happens with let’s say pepper, you want to grind black pepper right in the moment or else the smell and flavor disappear, so ground pepper smells a lot but before grinding it doesn’t smell that much

    Some plants stink, others not so much. It’s mostly about the genetics. Environment can be a factor as well.
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    3x3 400w HID with Bruce Banner and Skywalker Kush
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    running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


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