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Just cut down- Storage question

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    Just cut down- Storage question

    So, due to the impending storm, I chopped everything down and instead of using a grow box to dry out the buds, I trimmed everything and packaged it in vacuum seal bags immediately after. In case the power went out while I evacuated.
    After the storm (20 hrs or so) I came back and took the wet buds out of the vacuum seal bags and hung them in the dry box. I tried to get most of the air out when I stored the buds in the vacuum bags without compressing the wet weed. But the buds still seem more gooey.. And it seems they smell a lil different too. Almost a sweet smell.
    Not sure if it's because of mold starting or what.

    So, have I ruined my harvest? Has anyone else put in air tight bags for a day or two before trimming?

    Sounds like mold to me or rotten nugs. By sealing in those bags it might have created a humidity dome effect. Where did u leave it.


      I think you will be ok, they will get less sticky as they dry. I haven't experience mold "yet" but my understanding is if they get mold they have an ammonia smell. Have you read, How to Dry and Cure? It's one of the tutorials at GWE. Hope you & yours made it through the storm ok.
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        Lobabe I agree with uncledoug: If it smells sweet, I don't think you have mold. Tropical storm Michael passed through here yesterday and we lost power for a couple of hours, but the storm moved on quickly.
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          Thank you to everyone that answered. It does seem it affected the taste but little else. Strong smoke is my primary concern. So now the one good thing about this hurricane, it took all the humidity with it. Shorter dry time for buds.


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            Hope everyone's ok where you're at. Poor Florida.

          S*#t man,I I think your stash is OK if there’s no ammonia smell👍 Just let it breath a little,


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