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    I discovered this gem today by an Author called ‘The Rev’ and am blown away.. I wonder how many of you own this book and who prescribes to his methods and maybe those that don’t or have criticisms. I loved his soil recipe for RO, Rainwater and distilled water only. No nutes whatsoever apart from spikes from time to time and molasses.

    This book for me will become my bible for my next grow since I fucked this one up organically when I used ff nutes... other than big bloom. The plants are ok as many have seen but I know I could have done way better if I hadn’t have been so impatient to get started.

    I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of this book if they have it or have read it, and to those of us who are just beginning in their journey of organic growing indoors I say this book must be a great start for any beginner as well as any one with lots of experience.

    There are product pitches throughout and some criticize this placement however I wonder about the product that ‘eats mold on buds’
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    Interesting. I might have to get one. With my results so far, I'm really into this concept of feed the soil, not the plant. The ultimate would be a soil that lasted the entire grow without attention. I think an auto could finish in the mix I'm using now. I added alfalfa to Ren at about 60 days and it went into overload there for a while, then wore off, so I think the mix probably already had enough N for the 90-100 day grow. Fresh, local compost and castings is gooood stuff. And I haven't even gotten to try molasses yet; next grow. Thanks for the heads up, N.G.

    Something that "eats mold on buds", huh? Well, probably... it seems like everything in nature is food for something else {shrug}.
    FFOF +extra castings, compost, coco
    Veg 8 bulb T5 (blue)
    Flower 600w HPS
    alfalfa meal, bone meal, FF Big Bloom, Down-to-Earth Liquid Bloom
    1st grow White Widow
    Now growing GG4 auto and photo


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      Toripony. I know right! I love organics to be honest, and even though I want and will learn all aspects of growing by using the equipment, from organic to hydro, etc I just want a really good organic grow totally built by you with a soil that will last throughout and just giving the soil what it needs and the plants needs are automatic, as you mention any auto would suit this I wou,d think.. food for thought mate food for thought. Perhaps I maybe interest you in an organic challenge sometime over the next year? Lol

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      I'm starting a new grow very soon with a plan that I'll post then. Already have my soil mixed and nutes stocked. Also found a new soil to try but that's another thread too.

    Make sure ya get the second edition btw, the one pictured.


      Nice, there's a few books out there but I'll have to check it out. I was doing some research and looking at omri products out there and stumbled across an organic gem. Designed specifically for mj I'm going to have to try it out.

      Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


        I haven't read that book yet but have heard it talked about several times on podcasts. Overall is regarded as a good guide to organics.

        I use a more simplified version of this I think. I model my soil after clackamas coot style soil. I heard him talk on KIS organics podcast which inspired me to start a worm bin.

        I have a post on here where I did an auto grow with a 15 gallon pot (overkill) but it was fully organic with my built soil.


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          Schwaggy also sounds like a plan with larger fabric pots for growing outside I guess, that’s something I hope to do in the next couple of years so making and cooking my own soil is high up there like yourself. I will check out your post thanks.

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